EA FC 24 Beta Release Coming Sooner Than Expected?

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EA FC 24 Beta Release Coming Sooner Than Expected?

The EA FC 24 beta release might arrive earlier than anticipated 

The wait for EA FC 24 is almost over, and players eagerly look forward to early access, offering them a sneak peek into the game before its full release. 

As of now, Electronic Arts has not announced a specific date for the beta release of EA FC 24. There were initial expectations, however, that the beta would launch in mid-August, allowing for a three-week beta run similar to FIFA 23.

EA FC 24 Beta Release Date: When Is It Happening? 

Recent leaks, nonetheless, claim the EA Sports FC 24 beta release might happen much earlier than that. A number of insiders have claimed that lucky FIFA fans will get early access to the game as early as next week. 

The beta release has been a long-standing practice for EA Sports' annual soccer game series, offering a limited number of players the chance to play the game in advance. This approach proves beneficial for catching bugs and fine-tuning gameplay, while also serving as a clever marketing strategy to generate heightened anticipation for the imminent game release.

EA FC 24 Beta Release Coming Sooner Than Expected?

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EA FC 24 Closed Beta: Who Will Get Invites? 

Only a select few will have the opportunity to participate in the closed beta access for EA SPORTS FC24, as EA will handpick players from those who have signed up for Community Playtesting.

You would need to fulfill the following credentials to receive EA Sports FC 24:

Sign Up for EA Community Playtesting 

With Community Playtesting, you have the chance to experience upcoming EA games before their official release. Follow these steps to sign up for EA Community Playtesting: 

  • Visit EA’s official site 
  • Click on the avatar located in the upper right corner of the interface
  • Access the account settings by clicking on the designated option
  • Choose ‘Email Preferences’ from the options that arrive 
  • Double-check that FIFA titles are chosen in the preferred game section
  • Next, navigate to the ‘Electronic Arts Playtesting' tab and click on it.
  • Click on ‘Join EA playtesting' to participate in the program
  • Prior to filling out the form and specifying your preferences, ensure you're signed in to your EA account

EA will mail the beta access codes to selected candidates later. If you sign up for the program, you should regularly your inbox and spam folder. 

At Least 18 Years Old 

The EA Sports FC 24 closed beta will be only open to individuals who are 18 years old or above.

Console Owner In the UK or North America 

Those who wish to take part must possess a console and be based in the UK or North America. Initially, only PlayStation and Xbox owners are expected to get access, but EA might choose to extend the closed beta to Nintendo Switch. 

Regular FIFA 23 Player 

You must be a regular FIFA 23 player to expect an EA Sports FC 24 closed beta invite. EA often considers the engagement and loyalty of players within their gaming communities when selecting participants for closed beta testing.

Have An Internet Connection 

You must have a good internet connection to qualify for an EA FC 24 closed beta invite. 

Accept EA FC 24 Beta Agreement 

You must accept the User and EA FC 24 beta agreement to receive an EA FC 24 closed beta invite. It’s a legally binding agreement that forms the foundation of your participation in the beta testing program. Understanding its contents thoroughly ensures that you are well informed about your rights and responsibilities throughout the testing phase.

Appropriate PS and Xbox Subscription 

To be eligible for an EA FC 24 closed beta invite, it is essential to have an active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

EA FC 24 Beta Release Coming Sooner Than Expected?
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