Finding and Farming Storm Crystals – No Man’s Sky Guide

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Finding and Farming Storm Crystals – No Man’s Sky Guide

Master the art of finding and farming Storm Crystals with our No Man's Sky's guide and harvest these valuable treasures on extreme-weather planets

In No Man's Sky‘s vast and mysterious universe, resources come in all forms and types, each with its unique value and applications. One such valuable resource that has intrigued both seasoned travelers and novice explorers alike is the enigmatic Storm Crystals. These radiant and potent crystals play a pivotal role in the game, are easy to sell for large amounts of credits and essential components in crafting various items. This comprehensive guide will unravel the secrets of Storm Crystals, from where to unearth them to their myriad purposes in the ever-expanding No Man's Sky universe.

Finding and Farming Storm Crystals - No Man's Sky Guide
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The Hunt – Finding and Farming Storm Crystals

Storm Crystals are sought-after gems in No Man's Sky, found exclusively on extreme-weather planets. To locate these planets, look for activated stellar metals like Emeril and watch for vivid system colors, such as greens and blues, that often signal their presence. The real challenge, however, lies in not only identifying these extreme-weather worlds but also surviving their volatile conditions to collect these precious crystals.

Gearing Up for the Expedition

Setting out to harvest Storm Crystals demands thorough preparation. For land-based harvesting, a suitable exosuit upgrade, tailored to the impending environmental hazards, is vital. Opting for an exocraft provides a more efficient and secure option. These versatile vehicles offer superior protection and facilitate navigation on extreme-weather planets, but their usage requires resources to power hazard protection upgrades.

Elevating safety and efficiency by investing in exocraft upgrades is wise, outfitting your exocraft with S-class enhancements significantly enhances speed, handling, and control. While a full suite of upgrades is optimal, even a few well-chosen modifications can make a substantial difference. Considering improvements to your exosuit is also advisable, given the availability of necessary resources.

Strategies for Harvesting 

Storm Crystal harvesting methods offer diverse approaches to gather these precious resources, catering to individual preferences and available resources. On-foot collection demands substantial resources to endure the harsh environment, rapidly depleting life support systems and prolonging the collection process. Meanwhile, exocraft-based retrieval provides a safer and more efficient alternative, allowing explorers to collect the crystals in a fraction of the time with reduced resource consumption. Although starships offer a unique perspective, their use for the crystals collection can be less efficient due to the exit animation. While stylish, they may not be the most practical choice on extreme weather planets.

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Establishing a base camp on an extreme-weather planet significantly boosts farming efficiency, offering storage capabilities to manage resources and Storm Crystal collections. Carrying a save point is advisable due to potential hazards and the absence of autosaving while using an exocraft.

Timing The Storms

The unique allure of Storm Crystals lies in their exclusivity during active storms. Wait for the storm, and as these gems shed their outer layers, seize the opportunity to harvest them. The challenge of the tempest is outweighed by the precious reward.

Identifying Storm Crystals

Amid the tumult of extreme weather planets, Storm Crystals shine brilliantly, their radiance distinguishable from afar. Exocrafts, with their expansive field of view, prove invaluable in spotting these radiant gems. The visor further aids the search, marking Storm Crystals with a distinct yellow electricity icon. On icy worlds, however, poor visibility can hinder detection, prompting consideration of clearer conditions for optimal harvesting.


Storm Crystals are not just valuable for generating credits; they are also vital components in the creation of various items that can greatly enhance your No Man's Sky experience. The crafting possibilities enabled by these crystals are diverse, offering unique benefits that cater to different playstyles and preferences.

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Here are the four most notable items that can be crafted using Storm Crystals, along with the quantity of crystals required for each:

  1. Warp Hypercore: A single Storm Crystal is needed to create a Warp Hypercore. This item serves as an exceptional replacement for the Warp Cell, providing additional fuel for your long interstellar journeys. A Warp Hypercore is a valuable asset to any explorer, allowing for extended travels without the worry of running out of fuel.
  2. Environment Control Unit (ECU): Crafting the Environment Control Unit requires three Storm Crystals. This essential item enhances your hazard protection, offering increased resistance to extreme weather conditions on hostile planets. With the ECU, you can explore these extreme weather planets with greater ease and security.
  3. Icarus Fuel System: The Icarus Fuel System is another creation that demands three Storm Crystals. This innovative system is particularly useful for those who favor using the Minotaur exocraft. Essentially, the Icarus Fuel System functions as a solar power unit for the Minotaur, providing an efficient and sustainable energy source for this formidable exocraft.
  4. Antimatter Reactor: To craft the Antimatter Reactor, you will need five Storm Crystals. This intriguing device has the remarkable ability to produce antimatter, a crucial resource in the No Man's Sky universe. While the Antimatter Reactor requires fuel to operate, it opens up the possibilities of creating antimatter seemingly out of thin air, a marvel even the most seasoned explorers find intriguing.
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It's worth noting that each of these crafted items serves a unique purpose, catering to different aspects of your journey.

Alternative Sources

While the primary method of obtaining Storm Crystals is through harvesting on extreme-weather planets during storms, there are alternative sources for these valuable resources. Here are some additional avenues through which you can acquire these crystals:

  1. Mercenaries Guild Envoy: Pay a visit to the Mercenaries Guild envoy aboard space stations, where you have a chance to acquire Storm Crystals. The envoy may offer these valuable crystals as part of their inventory, providing a reliable source for those seeking the crystals.
  2. Nexus Missions: Engaging in certain Nexus missions can also yield Storm Crystals, with an approximate drop rate of 8.5%. Participating in these missions offers both a thrilling adventure and the potential for Storm Crystal rewards.
  3. Crystal Fragment Analysis: By analyzing a Crystal Fragment, explorers have the opportunity to obtain Storm Crystals. The process of fragment analysis presents a 5% chance of acquiring these radiant gems, adding an element of unpredictability to your crystal collection.
  4. Derelict Freighter Crates: During your exploration of derelict freighters, keep an eye out for crates that may contain Storm Crystals. With a 5% chance of finding these valuable resources, derelict freighters offer an intriguing source for the crystals.
  5. Suspicious Packets (Goods): While exploring the depths of space and encountering suspicious packets, adventurers may stumble upon Storm Crystals with a 3% probability. The unpredictable nature of these encounters makes each discovery an exciting venture.
  6. Bounty Hunter Missions: Bounty Hunter missions in outlaw systems also offer a slim chance of acquiring Storm Crystals, with a drop rate of approximately 3%. Engaging in these high-stakes missions can lead to both excitement and valuable rewards.
  7. Mission Board Missions: As a less common source, participating in Mission Board missions provides explorers with a minimal chance, around 0.7%, of acquiring Storm Crystals. While the odds may be lower, the diversity of mission types available on the Mission Board offers various gameplay experiences.

Storm Crystals – A Radiant Treasure

Discover the thrill of harvesting Storm Crystals in No Man's Sky, reaping both credits and crafting possibilities. These radiant gems illuminate your journey among the stars.

Finding and Farming Storm Crystals – No Man’s Sky Guide
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