Final Fantasy XIV’s New Housing Lottery System

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Final Fantasy XIV’s New Housing Lottery System

Square Enix has finally revealed the details for the new Lottery System for housing. Here's a quick summary!

With plots in the Empyreum up for grabs with the release of 6.1 in mid April. Final Fantasy XIV players have once more a chance of home ownership.

Happy Home Ownership

The controversial cookie clicker from hell system that was previously installed, will be made away with by a lottery system. In addition to it, there will also be a first come, first system put in place. Depending on how popular the demand for a plot is.

At the release of 6.1, all new plots will be subject to the lottery system! Which means everyone will have a fair chance to get a house in the new district. Final Fantasy XIV's hardest content, Housing (Savage) is now accessible for everyone. And is no longer subject to who has the fasted hard-drive and internet connection. So we suggest you go and scout out a couple of potential plots now, the district is already open. You just have to complete the side quest “Ascending to Empyreum” in Ishgard. Careful, you'll only be able to apply a lottery ticket for one plot at a time.

Housing Lottery

So with all this talk, you'll probably wonder how this lottery system works. Alright, so if a plot is up for grabs, players will be able to buy a lottery ticket for the price of the plot. This lottery entry can not be withdrawn. And you may only enter one lottery per lottery period. A lottery period lasts for 9 days, 5 days to entry and 4 days for the results. Do keep in mind that this period is dependent on something like maintenance. So some of these periods might be shorter.

For the result period, one random player who entered will be selected as the winner. That player has 4 to claim the plot, if they fail to do so, their claim to the plot will be cancelled and 50% of the Gil spend will be taken from the deposit. Everyone else can reclaim the Gil spend for up to 90 days after that lottery period has ended. You can claim your new plot at its respected place card.

Here are the requirements:

  • Entering as a Private Buyer:
    1. You must have at least one class at level 50.
    2. You must hold the rank of second lieutenant or above in one of the Grand Companies.
  • Entering as a Free Company Representative:
    1. Your free company must be rank 6 or above.
    2. Your free company must have four or more members.
    3. You must be authorized by your free company to purchase and relinquish land.
    4. You must have been a member of your free company for 30 days or longer.(*)
    * This is a new requirement introduced in Patch 6.1, in order to preserve the integrity of the lottery system.

Please note that all requirements listed above must be fulfilled at the time of both entry and purchase.

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For Future Homeowners

The Important Bits

So if you decide to go for a pot, you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, the devaluation system will be made away with. So instead of devaluing over time, a plot will at a yet unknown time be free for purchase without the lottery system for the flat fee. Here's also a list with the prices:

Fifth-class Plot Fourth-class Plot Third-class Plot Second-class Plot First-class Plot
Small 3,000,000 3,187,500 3,375,000 3,562,500 3,750,000
Medium 16,000,000 17,000,000 18,000,000 19,000,000 20,000,000
Large 40,000,000 42,500,000 45,000,000 47,500,000 50,000,000

The class of a plot it determined by its proximity to features within the war. So make sure to double check the price's for your desired plot so you have enough money. In addition to paying for the plot, you'll also need a construction permit. You can chose between several that will make up the initial exterior of your house, you can of course change that later. You can't however change its interior base features (The shape of the beams, the doors and stairs etc.) unless you buy another permit and tear down the house. 450,000 Gil for a small cottage, 1,000,000 Gil for a medium house and 3,000,000 Gil for a large mansion.

Housing Features

Having a house, will also allow you to have a garden. How many gardens you can tend to, is tied to the size of your plot. Here to can grow crystals for crafting, special ingredients for crafting. Here you can also grow special fruit to dye your chocobo companion.

Buying a plot as a Free Company will also unlock the workshop. Here players can craft housing exteriors and airship/submarine parts. You just have to feed the workshop the materials needed, you can unlock more crafting recipes with the airship and submarine expeditions. Yes, you can build an airship and or submarine and send it out to get rare crafting materials that can unlock more crafting recipes. But don't worry you can have up to 4 airships/submarines once you've unlocked everything. They are a great source of income.

You'll find the details for the lottery system here. And for more things Final Fantasy XIV, like the upcoming Live Letter stay tuned here on ESTNN

Final Fantasy XIV’s New Housing Lottery System
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