Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Soundtrack arrives February 23

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Soundtrack arrives February 23

As Final Fantasy XIV's first big story arc comes to a close, fans are still waiting for Endwalker's soundtrack.

The memories of a long, long journey. Final Fantasy XIV 14th album, Endwalker is available for pre-order now on the Square Enix store. The global release is set for February 23.

Already stuff of Legend

Said soundtrack includes 62 original compositions, mostly courtesy of the games Sound Director and Composer, Masayoshi Soken. Where to start with that man? First and foremost he and his team are currently holding the Guinness World for ‘Most original pieces of music in a videogame'. That one they got all the way back in 2017 prior to the release of the Stormblood expansion. Back then the game had only 384 unique pieces. Three expansions later, the team has only extended their lead.

Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, Localization Lead Koji Fox and Composer Masayoshi Soken engaging in their usual tomfoolery.Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, Localization Lead Koji Fox and
Composer Masayoshi Soken engaging in their usual tomfoolery.

We want to use this chance to talk about what makes Final Fantasy XIV's soundtrack so special. Without giving anything away for anyone, who has yet to make this journey. To make a long story short, Final Fantasy XIV is very good at making you feel nostalgic about the game itself.

Maybe that is due to Masoyashi Soken's and main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa's collaboration, especially in the last two expansions. The soundtrack is very ‘intertwined' to put a word on it. Songs often reference other songs, build on them, while also adding new elements and motifs. And while I'm by no means an expert on music, Final Fantasy XIV's soundtrack is very special for that reason. Especially when the lyrics of a song start telling a story on their own, only adding to the cut scene or fight they play in.

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A warrior of Light

Back in May 2021 at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest, composer Masoyashi Soken revealed that he had been fighting with cancer in the year prior. And during a heartfelt speech; that brought Director, Producer and his close friend, Naoki Yoshida to tears, he said that the only thing that kept him going was working on the games Soundtrack. With the help of Yoshida and management at Square Enix, he was able to continue his work from the hospital bed. Planning that the song ‘To The Edge' would be his magnum opus.

He also stated that the positive feedback from players, that followed the implementation of the song with the 5.3 patch was what helped him push through treatment. Ever since, his cancer has gone into full remission. Now, why tell you all of this? Masoyashi Soken has been one of the beating hearts behind Final Fantasy XIV since the 1.0 days. Beloved by the fans for his antics at the Fan Fests or on livestreams, and his cheerful persona. And this passion bleeds into every single track of the game.


The front and back cover for the physical edition of Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker Soundtrack

For the main theme of the 4th expansion, also named Endwalker. Masoyashi Soken's band The Primals teamed up with Architects lead vocalist Sam Carter. The song was introduced as Endwalker – Footfalls; being written by Natsuko Ishikawa the piece journeyed through the main themes of previous expansions before landing on Endwalkers main motif. Amanda Achen, is also featured again more on several tracks. Picking up and even exceeding her performances on the Shadowbringers soundtrack in beautiful songs like ‘Flow'. Jason Charles Miller also returns for the song ‘Close in the Distance', previously he had been the vocalist for the Shadowbringers main theme and the afore mentioned ‘To The Edge'. He has been the English voice actor for the character of Raubahn Aldynn, before the English cast was recast with the release of Heavensward.

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With such heavy hitting vocal performances, other arrangements will of course have to keep up. Since Endwalker is full to references to Final Fantasy IV, Masoyashi Soken rearranged several songs from the cult classic. Other songs play heavy into the nostalgia of previous expansions, while the new and unique compositions are also up to the task. One of the standout pieces being ‘Stars long Dead' and pretty much everything that has to do with the Thavnair region.

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When can we get our hands on it?

Endwalker's soundtrack releases on February 23 and is currently available for pre-order on the Square Enix store. Said pre-order will include the unique minion ‘Wind-up Vrtra'. A chiptune version of the main theme Endwalker. And a Blu-ray of The Primals Concert from the Chinese Fan Fest 2021. While we don't have word on a digital release yet. Square Enix usually makes the soundtrack available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music. With the songs being available on streaming services such as Spotify at a later date.

We'll keep you up to date on all things Final Fantasy XIV here on ESTNN.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Soundtrack arrives February 23
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