Final Fantasy XIV Players Sing Close in the Distance

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Final Fantasy XIV Players Sing Close in the Distance

1400 members of the Final Fantasy XIV's community came together so sing Close in the Distance for the developers and community. (*This article includes spoilers for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker*)

Alex Moukala has been a prominent member of the Final Fantasy XIV community for a while now. He endeared himself to many by analysing and taking apart songs from popular video games from a professional perspective. And is content ranges from just picking apart elements of a song, while trying to explain the thought process that goes into producing music, especially for games in the first place.

You are Not Alone

Now, Alex Moukala and his partners in crime, YouTube cover artist Husky by the Geek and long standing Final Fantasy XIV meme factory Denmo McStronghuge have cooked up something special. Back in Feburary, both Final Fantasy XIV lead story designer Natsuko Ishikawa and sound director and composer Masayoshi Soken revealed in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. That initially the song ‘Close in the Distance' was supposed to be ‘everyone singing together'.

‘Close in the Distance' was ultimately performed by Jason C. Miller who had already lend his voice to the previous expansion for the theme song ‘Shadowbringers' and the 5.3 boss theme ‘To The Edge'. The song it self is just one of many of Final Fantasy XIV's auditory crimes against humanity, starting out ominously as players enter the final zone ‘Ultima Thule' at the end of Endwalker. And as the Warrior of Light has to say goodbye to friends old and new, as they explore the leftovers of stars long gone. The song becomes clearer, until its lyrics reveal its meaning in the final section of Ultima Thule.

Alone, while we make our final steps towards journey end, ‘Close in the Distance' is meant to be melancholic but cheerful reflection of our adventure. It is the combined prayers of our virtual comrades that we see this through and that we may find true happiness.

In the community version of the song, it is only fitting that we first hear the voice of Susan Calloway leading the lyrical charge. After all, she performed Final Fantasy XIV's theme song ‘Answers' which has been present since 1.0. She is later joined by many prominent members of the community and some special guests. Like Amanda Achen who has performed several songs for Final Fantasy XIV since the release of Shadowbringers like ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow' and Endwalkers ‘Flow'. Other more prominent features include: J'Nique Nicole of NieR Automata fame, Paolo Andrea Di Pietro from the Final Fantasy VII Remake and several content creators from the Final Fantasy XIV community.

And after a call to arms by Alex a few months ago, a total of over 1400 Warriors of Light joined the chorus to commemorate the critically acclaimed MMORPG, its community and its developers. Earning the praise from the man himself.

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