Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 70 Summary: Newfound Adventure and Myths of the Realm

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Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 70 Summary: Newfound Adventure and Myths of the Realm

Patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure will release on April 12 with the next chapter in our adventure. And the promise to reveal secrets well hidden since 1.0! (This article includes 6.0 spoilers.).

Our Journey will Never End

After saving the Universe, the Warrior of Light finds themselves out of a job. We're in an odd spot where, for once, there is no crisis looming on the horizon. Fingers crossed it stays that way. But that doesn't mean that Etheirys is not out of secrets for us to discover. There is still so much to see, so many mysteries to unravel and stories we have yet to hear the end of.

The trailer shows the Warrior of Light setting out on a new adventure, possibly called to aid by our old friend Estinnien to follow a mysterious map. Apparently of a place somewhere around Thavnair. Maybe the fabled South Sea Isles? Or, we'll get to explore what secrets the bounty north of Thavnair holds.

But we don't have to make our new journey alone, while Yoshida and the team have teased new characters in interviews. So far we could only see some of our old comrades. And we can be certain that at least Y'shtola, G'raha and Estinnien will join us on this adventure.


The upcoming Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm, is already an exciting prospect for many long-time players. Not only is it going to be another 24-man raid with several bosses and breathtaking vistas. But it's going to come with a story of its own. This time, one that deals with XIV's own history and myths. Previously in Shadowbringers, The Dark Apocalypse Alliance Raid was based on Yoko Taro's NieR:Automata, who would also write and produce that raid. Before that, Square Enix alumni Yasumi Matsuno joined the team in Stormblood to write the Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid, based on Final Fantasy Tactics and XII. The latter raid ended up building a lot of Final Fantasy XIV's own world, and Yoshida promises that this raid won't be essential to the story going forward. But it will answer questions, players have been asking since 1.0.

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In the Heaven of Lightning, one will find a towering clockwork spire built by Byregot with metal forged from a comet and powered by Rhalgr's Levin bolts.

As people in the live stream's chat noticed, the bosses shown looked like the twelve, Eorzea's guardian deities. Yoshida mentioned, off-handed that every god we've encountered so far, turned out to be primal. Letting us wonder if this would be the case again. It would be too much to get into now, it seems that this first part of the raid series takes place in the Seven Heavens. As depicted in several paintings within the world of Final Fantasy XIV. So we might finally dig into the creation myth of this world after the Sundering. Of course, the raid will also reward new gear and upgrade materials for the current tomestone gear. The first part roughly translates to ‘Shining Divine Realm, Aglaia'. Those well versed in XIV's lore, might've spotted some familiar designs in the bosses shown off so far.

Hildibrand, Tataru's Grand Endeavour, Tribe Quests and More!

Many have been pining for the return of inspector Hildibrand and his antics. Eorzea's greatest detective was last seen being dragged into another dimension. By non-other than his close Gilgamesh, under the influence of some drug. All the way back in Stormblood. Fans will have to wait a little longer, as his quest will be released with the 6.15 patch sometime in the future.

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Don't you trust that smile?

Tataru, the former secretary of the Scions shares a similar fate. Yoshida states that her quest line will somewhat conflict with the main quest scenario, so it will have a slight delay until further notice. It's possible that it will be made available together with the new housing district and the Ultimate. Dubbed ‘Tataru's Grand Endeavour' we'll help her out on something. What exactly is still up for debate, hopefully, we won't try to get into conflict with other infamous merchants. Previously, Yoshida has stated that her quest will involve many NPC's from previous side stories. Personally, I'm pining for a reunion with my sky-pirate friends.

We'll also join forces with the Arkasodara tribe in new battle content. In the trailer, it looked like it involved racing… With hippos. Together with the xaela girl, you could help out in an optional quest to overcome her fear of the elephant people. It'll at least reward you with your very own racing hippo. And a great source of daily EXP to level your combat jobs.

2022 04 01 13 55 08 4 FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXX YouTube Opera
Hippo Racing…? Hippo Racing.

There'll also be another side quest dubbed; Omega: Beyond the Rift. Which will possibly wrap up the tale of Omega from Stormblood's optional raids. Naoki Yoshida highly recommended completing the raids for this particular story. Which will also be available sometime during the 6.1X patch cycle.

For those who've completed Endwalker's role quests, there'll be another optional quest to complete. It looks like the world leaders of Etheirys join each other in an expedition to the ruins of Garlemald. Here they'll venture into the Tower of Babil to deal with the looming threat of the Final Days.

It seems that our journey is far from over. For more on Final Fantasy XIV and the recent Live Letter, visit us here on ESTNN.

Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 70 Summary: Newfound Adventure and Myths of the Realm
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