Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE 70 set for April 1

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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE 70 set for April 1

This is no joke, Naoki Yoshida and his team will present the second part of the 6.1 patch on April 1. Here's what you need to know!

On March 4, director and producer Naoki Yoshida presented the first major patch for Endwalker, Newfound Adventure.

Newfound Adventure

We already reported on the new battle content like the next Ultimate encounter, the reworks to 2.0 and what we can expect in terms of quests. And now we're expecting the details, a trailer and a release date. Yoshida and his team have already teased the next patch to be out by mid to late april.

Here is where you can catch the stream, please note that the presentation will be in japanese. The slides will however include english text.

Date & Time

Friday, 1 April 2022 at 11:00 (GMT) / 12:00 (BST) / 22:00 (AEDT)

Where to Watch

Show Details

  • Patch 6.1 Part 2
  • Miscellaneous Updates

What we can expect

Last time, we got some rough details of what is to come with 6.1. This time we'll probably get some gameplay presented by the man himself. Some more screenshots and maybe an update on the current server situation. Of course, we'll have a detailed breakdown of the Live Letter here on ESTNN, so stay tuned for that!

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