Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 70 Preview

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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 70 Preview

With the second Live Letter just around the corner, we thought to give you a little recap of the last one and a short summary of what to expect.

With the likelihood of future content plans on the horizon, we look ahead to the next Letter from the Producer. Below you'll find our FF Live 70 Preview.

Naoki Yoshida's Wild Ride Continues

With Endwalker wrapping up Final Fantasy XIV first major chapter, the theme for patch 6.1 seems to be ‘starting things anew'. The story is currently in that weird position, where we can make some educated guesses on what places we'll journey to next. But no one can say what that actually means going forward. For the first time since A Realm Reborn, there is no threat looming on the horizon. And we, the Warrior of Light, are free to follow our heart's desires.

And the team has been very tight-lipped about what comes next. But in the Live Letter on Friday, we'll most certainly get a trailer. So far, we've heard of the introduction of the Myth's of the Realm Alliance Raids, which will dive most likely into Final Fantasy XIV's creation myth. The Extreme iteration of our fight against the Endsinger, the highly anticipated 4. Ultimate encounter Dragonsong's Reprise and a number of optional stories that will last throughout the 6.X series of patches. Oh, and there's also new PvP, an overhaul of 2.0 content and much more.

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Tataru is up to no good. (In our best interest, we hope.)

Recap and Preview

A trailer and a release date. That we can 100% guarantee. Naoki Yoshida stated previously that the patch will land in mid to late April. So we'll assume that it will release on April 12/19 or 26, with the latter one's being the most realistic estimate. Live Letter 69 spent a lot of time on the reworks we can expect on A Realm Reborn. The biggest one is the introduction of the trust system, allowing players to experience all main scenario-related content with AI companions. In addition, some dungeons will also get a facelift and will also be streamlined to remove some of their quirks.

Now, in this Live Letter, we expect to see some of those in action. Like how the new trust system works in dungeons, and maybe some of the more prominent changes to dungeons long-time players can now sleepwalk through. We also expect to see the new Extreme: The Endsinger's Aria which will drop the ilvl 595 weapons. Yoshida said previously that it took the team two full lockouts for a clear, and that it is apparently the hardest trial yet. Fitting for the one that tops of XIV's first major story arc. We can also expect a sneak peek at the new ultimate. Last live letter, we saw screenshots of the dragon brothers Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr teaming up. And Yoshida threatened that the fight will include every single mechanic since 2.0.

Crystal Conflict and Adjustments

So far, the team has been rather quiet about the massive changes coming to the current PvP system. With the introduction of a small-scale PvP mode dubbed Crystal Conflict and the removal of the current Feast Ranking system, there is still lots to talk about. The seasonal reward system, which usually rewards the top players with a mount or unique armor, will be replaced with a battle pass-like system. Here, players can unlock rewards for participating in PvP during a season. This will include new, unique rewards but also previous Feast rewards that are now unobtainable.

With those changes, there could also be an overhaul to the current PvP combat system. Be it some slight adjustments of potencies or a complete revamp of the system. With the new wave of players, there is a renewed interest in the PvP scene. And with the involvement of big streamers from other titles. We might see the rise of a healthy, community-driven tournament scene.

Yoshida has also been hinting in interviews since Endwalker's release that there'll be some adjustments to the current class balance. Because of the Ultimate, those won't be too dramatic. But besides switching up some numbers, there could be a potential little rework for Dark Knight and White Mage on the horizon.

2022 03 04 12 26 13 Window 1
Myths of the Realm's teaser screenshot references the depiction twelves' heavens.

Content and New Gear

Of course, a new dungeon and a new Alliance Raid mean that we'll get new gear. Of course, the best gear currently available will still be the one rewarded from Savage content and the augmented Tomestone gear. That doesn't mean they don't come with a unique look. The gear from the Alliance Raid will be set at ilvl 590 and obtainable once a week. The new dungeon gear will most likely be set at ilvl 575.

And then there are is the new chapter for the Hildibrand for 6.15, Tataru's grand endeavor which is still cloaked in mystery. But protect your Gil purse just in case. A conclusion to Stormblood's Omega Raid series, new Custom Deliveries, a new set of Tribal quests and the Adventurer Plate feature. With the new housing district opening its doors, you can also expect more furniture and decorations to be shown off. And there are also new hairstyles for Viera and Hrothgar to look forward to.

Of course, we'll have a detailed summary up here on ESTNN soon after the Live Letter. Stay tuned for that!

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 70 Preview
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