Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 68 Set for February 19

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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 68 Set for February 19

After Endwalker, we start running. Final Fantasy XIV's looks to charge into the future with the next Letter from the Producer Live.

Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy XIV's next Letter from the Producer Live is set for February 19 at 2AM GMT (Starting time is subject to change)! Which means Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida will once more live stream to the community with live English translation.

Final Fantasy XIV Forges Ahead

This live stream is bound to be a special one. Endwalker's release was talked up by Yoshida to be the end of an Era, and we're now off to new beginnings.

You'll be able to follow the Live Letter on YouTube, Twitch and Niconico Live under the following links:

The table of contents teased on the Loadstone are as follows:

  • Newfound Futures: The Next 10 Years of FFXIV
  • Endwalker Q&A

Newfound Futures, sounds rather ominous. Yoshida has previously stated that he plans to work on Final Fantasy XIV for at least 10 more years, and that he considers it to be his life's work. After Endwalker's overwhelmingly positive reception, despite of server's buckling under the weight of new players and returners. Final Fantasy XIV's future looks as bright as it can be. And so far, we can not say where the next journey will take us. Endwalker's ending already teased a few location's we have yet to visit. There's also a good number of places and people we have yet to meet.

The New Alliance Raid

Myths of the Realm, as far as we know so far. Has us engage with Eorzeas patron deities The Twelve. The the three part Raid will hopefully, finally provide answers to questions some of we've waiting for since the games original release.

Myths of the Realm, Final Fantasy XIV's New Alliance Raid
Myths of the Realm promises to be Final Fantasy XIV's most enthralling Alliance Raid yet. Finally lifting the Mysteries surrounding Eorzea's Patron Deities.

PvP Re-Invisioned

There is going to be a replacement for the Feast (at least as we know it) to look forward to, a small scale PvP mode; Crystal Conflict. In addition to it, there will be a Battle Pass kind of system, named Series. Replacing the previous ranking system, it will ensure that every player has a fair shot at the unique PvP rewards Final Fantasy XIV usually hands out every Season. This Series, will also include previous rewards. That way new players will also have a chance to get these unique rewards.

A Brand new Housing District and a fair shot at Homeownership

Another thing to look forward to, is the reworking of the housing system as we know it. The current spam-click fest of Doom, is in the community known as the actual hardest content. Clearing an Ultimate is one thing, homeownership is on a whole other level. It is set to be replaced with a lottery system, where players pay an upfront fee for their future home. Then, out of the pool of players, one lucky person or Free Company will be decided as the new owner. Everyone else gets their hard earned Gil back.

In addition to that, the new housing district; Empyreum is also set to release with the 6.1 patch. Eager crafters and gatherers have previously rebuild it during the Ishgard Reconstruction content. Adding a whopping 1440 new plots to every single world, should the Developers decide to match the wards of previous Districts.

The Empyreum, Ishgards New Housing District
After Players build the Firmament, they now finally get to live in the Brand-New Housing District; Empyreum

Retirement from the Busy Adventuring Life and What we can Expect

We're also hoping to find out more about the previously teased Features. Namely the Island Sanctuary that we know barely anything about. Only that it is tied to the housing system and might finally put an end to the woes of countless, still homeless Eorzeans. Oh and you get to take care of your minions and mounts, maybe even start a garden.

The Island Sanctuary, Mysterious New Content.
The Island Sanctuary promises to be a different kind of content, slow and relaxed. A welcomed vacation from the busy adventuring life.

Other future content, we are still blissfully unaware of. For example what the next stage of Deep Dungeon content will look like, which players had been dearly missing during Shadowbringers content cycle. What Endwalkers Relict weapons will look like, especially what system will follow up Bozja's Save the Queen content. There is also no word on what the series of Trials will look like, but if previous content cycles are anything to go by, we will find that out very soon with the release of 6.1.

Last but not least, Yoshida asks players to submit questions all around Endwalker on the forums, which he will be answering in the later part of this upcoming Live Letter. So please feel free to submit a question here!

Should you miss the Letter from the Producer Live, you'll be able to find a detailed summery of it here, on ESTNN.

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 68 Set for February 19
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