Final Fantasy XIV Frosty Steps Back From the World First Race

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Final Fantasy XIV Frosty Steps Back From the World First Race

The host of Mogtalk and leading force behind the World First Race is stepping down to become a family man.

Frosty is a name synonymous with the World First Race in Final Fantasy XIV, hosting the event since what feels like forever.


FrostyTV is Stepping Down From the World First Race as Producer

It comes as a little bit of a shock to hear he has chosen to step back from taking an active role in future events.

Becoming a parent changes things, and there has been nothing but support for Frosty's decision from the Final Fantasy XIV community.

Of course, the World First Race is not just Frosty. There's a considerable team behind the event and there is no doubt that it will continue in some shape or form. But Frosty taking a backseat certainly feels like the end of an era.

Frosty the Good Guy

So let's use this opportunity to celebrate the man. Personally we can't think of anyone who could be considered more of a ‘pillar' of the Final Fantasy XIV community. With his MogTalk show; where he talks to various people of the community, Frosty has never been shy, when it comes to pouring out the love.

He offered his platform for charity drives, sat down with both top raiders, content creators and community leaders. He brought Final Fantasy XIV people together all around. We can scarcely imagine, how the landscape will look like without him, Hopefully we won't have to.

Going forward, we of course hope to see Frosty back with MogTalk. Maybe even as a caster for the upcoming PvP mode and its community driven events. But if there is anyone who deserves to take a break, its probably him. All the love to you @FrostyTVstream!

The World First Race

Final Fantasy XIV's World First Race has always been a special event for the community. Not only for the community, but also by the community. Hosted by MogTalk since the Alexander days, the event has always brought people together. Since XIV's content releases world wide for everyone at the same time, we usually see teams from around the world compete. With the Savage race usually taking a day or two and Ultimate's lasting about a week. And the most recent ones have even been charity drives.

We don't know yet what the World First Race for Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate will look like. It's slated to release in late April/early May but we'll keep you posted as details come out.

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Final Fantasy XIV Frosty Steps Back From the World First Race
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