Final Fantasy XIV Endgame Gear Progression and You for 6.0 – 6.1

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Final Fantasy XIV Endgame Gear Progression and You for 6.0 – 6.1

A simple guide to help gear you up for the endgame!

Now you just finished the Main Quest Scenario (MSQ) of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and feel all kinds of feelings. But do not fall to despair, you are not without allies. We're here at ESTNN have your back as you walk to the end. And beyond. Mostly the beyond.

I just hit Level 90 what do I do?!

Luckily, the MSQ will have handed you a full set item level (ilvl) 560 gear and the final dungeon might've also dropped a few accessories for your role. Now what? Its time to get your average ilvl up to at least 560 so you can start your endgame journey. In Old Sharlayan there are two optional dungeons for you to unlock. Smileton and The Stigma Dreamscape. Together with the final MSQ dungeon The Dead Ends, they drop the ilvl 560 accessories. And in addition they will also reward you with Tomestones and will also make up your Expert Roulette. Two currencies, one limited and one not, that will help you get better gear and or materials to make better gear.

Your priority in gearing, from biggest Stat Point increase is as follows:
Weapon > Chest and Legs > Head, Hands and Feet > Accessories

What are Tomestones?

Tomestones are an Endgame currency that will give you access to better gear. The Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism (Aphorism) and Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy (Astronomy). Now, one of them, Astronomy is limited. You can only obtain 450 of them a week and it will grand you access to the ilvl 590 Radian's sets. While Astronomy is a currency you can grind out to your hearts content, and will let you buy the ilvl 570 Moonward sets and materials to craft the ilvl 580 classical sets. Selling those materials can also be a great source of income. Both of them can be obtained by either doing Endgame content, the aforementioned Roulettes or joining the Great Hunt. You should at least make an effort to get the Astronomy Tomestones every week.

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But how do I gear up?

Once you hit an average ilvl of 560, you can access the two 6.0 extreme trials. With Zodiark's Fall dropping ilvl 580 accessories and Hydaelyn's Call dropping weapons of the same ilvl. While won't make up you pre raid Best in Slot (BiS), they will add as a great supplement and are easier on your pockets. If you don't get the drops you want, both of them will give you a totem with every successful kill. With five of them from Zodiark you'll be able to exchange them in Raz-at-han for your desired accessory. Ten of them will be needed to get your weapon from the same vendor.

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Once you hit an average ilvl of 565, you can access the normal versions of the current raid tier, Pandaemonium: Asphodelos. Or lovingly just called P1-P4. Every single one of these fights, will drop a token, looking like the the slot on your gearset. You'll need only one for accessories, two for the feet, hand and head slot and four for the chest and leg slots. The ilvl 580 Limbo sets. For every single fight, you can roll on one of these tokens and you can repeat them as much as you like, till you get the one you want. Once you get a token, it'll lock out to roll for one until the next weekly reset. In addition, P4 will drop another token. You can exchange seven of them for the ilvl 590 weapon, costing you an additional 500 Astronomy Tomestones.

Or else…

You can skip most of these steps, if you can afford/craft the 580ilvl classical sets, which are when overmelded with Materia your pre-raid BiS. However, this will be very costly and is not necessary for casual Savage raiding. That will give you a little bit of an extra edge, do keep in mind that every job has a very specific melding priority. So if you decide you go with them but don't plan to break the bank. Just meld with whatever Materia you have on you. And usually you can never go wrong with melding Direct Hit, Critical Hit and Determination respectively.

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Could it be Savage Gear?

Once you hit a minimum ilvl of 580, you'll be able to enter current set of Savage Raids. These are harder versions of the previous fights with new mechanics, commonly knows as P1S-P4S. Clearing these fights will not only give you a chance roll for the ilvl 600 Asphodelos sets. They will also assure you a token for every fight, once a week, to get this gear from a vendor. In addition to that, you'll can also roll for materials that will let you augment your ilvl 590 Radiant gear sets.

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Do keep in mind, that you'll only be able to roll on the loot for each fight once a week. Means if you clear the fight, but don't get a single item, you'll have to wait till the next reset to get another chance to roll for it. It is also highly recommended to do these fights in order, like doing P3S first for example, will lock you out of the loot for P1S and P2S. Also depending on the number of players who have already cleared the fight this week, the loot table will be reduced. If the majority of players has already cleared the fight. None of you get anything and you'll still be locked out of loot until the next reset.

Augmentation and alternatives

As earlier mentioned, you'll be able to augment your ilvl 590 Radiant gear to ilvl 600 augmented Radiant gear. This requires a special material that drops from P2S and P3S respectively. But you'll also be able to exchange them for four tokens from these fights. Later on, when patch 6.1 rolls around with the Alliance Raid, you'll be able to obtain another Token once a week. That you can exchange for material needed, to augment your Radiant gear. You'll also be able to purchase these materials with the currency awarded for doing the hunts. This assures that by the time the next tier of Raids come out, everyone could have at least one complete set of ilvl 600 gear. You should also be able to obtain a ilvl 595 with the third Endwalker Extreme Trial.
But do also keep in mind, the weekly restrictions will lifted at a later date.

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But what is Best in Slot now?

Your BiS will usually end up being a combination of both the Asphodelos and Radiant gear set. This is very depended on your job and can change with a single patch. Just by changing the potency on some of your skills. There are resources out there for the current best equipment. But since we are currently very early in this content cycle I don't feel confident saying one of them has the singular best answer. But do keep an eye on, and for in-depth guides for BiS and advanced melding. They do great work.

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Final Fantasy XIV Endgame Gear Progression and You for 6.0 – 6.1
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