The Final Fantasy VII’s 25th Anniversary Event was Stacked

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The Final Fantasy VII’s 25th Anniversary Event was Stacked

What was announced to be a short and sweet 10-minute stream celebrating Final Fantasy VII's release 25 years ago. Turned into probably everything a Final Fantasy fan could ask for. And even a little more. Check out our recap of the Final Fantasy VII's 25th Anniversary event.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is Coming to Steam

Last year, Final Fantasy VII Remake not only got an upgrade, polishing the title up for the next generation. Intergrade also included a rather lengthy DLC focused on fan-favorite character Yuffie. Later that same year, Square Enix surprised all of us when the then believed to be PlayStation exclusive was released on the Epic Game Store. Alongside joining some of their other console titles, like all the Kingdom Hearts games. But not for Steam, well most of Square Enix's current titles are made with Epic's in-house Unreal Engine. So it made sense that they would call dibs on distributing it. But after exactly 6 months, the Remake of the PlayStation one cult classic, which had a very interesting relationship with the PC. That we should probably get into at some point. Finally, got its long-awaited Steam release. And while it opened for a hefty $70 price tag, the title is currently on a -29% discount till July 7.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Will Enter Closed Beta Testing Soon

There are arguably some, that is a little disappointed with what the Final Fantasy VII Remake project ended up becoming. Which was at first planned to be a straight-up remake of the JRPG classic, turned into something very different. Once members of the original staff jumped on board. So for those who just want to relive Final Fantasy VII with brushed up graphics, Ever Crisis will release for mobile platforms. While including what seems to be the PSP title Crisis Core, this is just a straight remake of the beloved original title. Including quality of life changes and a faithful overhaul of the originals graphics. The title is currently planned to release for mobile platforms later this year.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Reveal

It was heavily speculated that the PlayStation Portable classic would get a Remake in due time. Not only because it was included in the previously mentioned Ever Crisis. But protagonist Zack Fair also seems to play a much larger role in the ongoing remake project. But let's roll it back a bit. Crisis Core was released all the way back in September 2007 for Sony's portable console to major success. Especially due to its endearing protagonist who would venture through the prequel to Final Fantasy VII. Which filled in the gaps that lead to the events which would proceed in the conflicts in Final Fantasy VII. And by the way, the title was directed by Hajime Tabata who would later direct Final Fantasy XV and the spin-off title Type 0.

From the looks of it, Crisis Core's unique combat system remains untouched. Similar to its story and characters. But it'll not quite get the treatment the remake has gotten so far. So don't expect more than a brushed-up PSP game with modern graphics, quality of life improvements and new voice acting. And it has long been believed, that the reason Crisis Core never saw a second release. Due to a conflict with the licensing of its title song and the involvement of Japanese rock icon Gackt. Who seems to be on board with this project.

Oh, yea, and it's going to release in winter of this year, which by Naoki Yoshida definition ranges from late December to March. So let's hope they're going non-Japanese seasons here.

Final Fantasy VII Rebrith

Rebirth, that's the title of part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII remake project. Which is comparatively tame by Nomura standards. Who has also confirmed that the team is also already working on the third and final part of the remake project as we speak. And now we also have confirmation that the Final Fantasy VII Remake was never just an updated version of the original. It is a weird art project that tries to wrap up the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy VII in one neat little package. And while Remake tried to liberate itself, in a peculiar meta-narrative from its past. Square Enix has done something here, no one would ever expect from a remake.

We can only guess what's coming next. Yes, some of the more obscure references fly over more casual fans' heads. But when the first part already included characters from the novels, we all knew the gloves are off. But creative director Tetsuya Nomura promises that Rebirth can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of Final Fantasy VII. And what inspires confidence is that this is a passion project by most of the minds behind the original. And for those poor souls that have no experience with Nomura's Kingdom Hearts franchise, this might come out of the left field. For the rest of us, this is more of the usual confusion that you'll just have to embrace at some point.

And with a release planned for winter 2023, that year's going to be huge for Square Enix and Final Fantasy. That, and we still haven't heard about the upcoming Dragon Quest and the theorized remake of Final Fantasy IX. For more gaming and eSports news. And squeaking that Square Enix finally gives us more info on the Tactics: Ogre remake, stay tuned here on ESTNN.

The Final Fantasy VII’s 25th Anniversary Event was Stacked
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