Final Fantasy 16 Xbox Release, What We Know So Far

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Final Fantasy 16 Xbox Release, What We Know So Far

The arrival of Final Fantasy 16 on the market is just around the corner. After Square Enix decided to officially reveal the preload and lunch times for the game, users began to be increasingly impatient, thanks also to what was shown in the recently released demo. At the moment, however, as you surely already know by now, Final Fantasy 16 will be available only on PlayStation 5 as its exclusive starting from June 22, 2023. Owners of other platforms will not be able, at least for the moment, to get their hands on this new chapter of the famous JRPG saga.

Is the Final Fantasy 16 Xbox version in development?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Final Fantasy 16 will only land on Sony's new generation consoles (thus cutting out all users who have not yet switched to PlayStation 5), following the agreements made at the beginning of project development with the Japanese software house Square Enix. A choice that has certainly left several aftermaths and crooked noses since its announcement, especially as regards all users who do not have a PlayStation 5 and who therefore will not be able to play the game.

Unfortunately, as we have already explained in the case of the PC version, there is still no official news concerning a possible landing of Final Fantasy 16 also on Microsoft consoles. It also needs to be underlined that unlike what has emerged on the net in recent times as regards the PC version of the game, as far as the Xbox version is concerned, it really seems that Square Enix has no plans in mind and that therefore the game may never arrive on Xbox consoles, unlike, however, with what happened with Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Obviously, at the time this article is being written, it is not possible to rule out 100% the possibility that Final Fantasy 16 may also land on Microsoft systems (and consequently also PC) in the near future. The statements made by those directly involved in the development of the game up to now do not seem to give much hope to this possibility but, as we well know, the agreements can change during the course of work and therefore it could also be that the new chapter of Final Fantasy makes its landing even on other platforms.

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Final Fantasy 16 Xbox Release, What We Know So Far
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