Final Fantasy 16 Preload and Launch Time Revealed!

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Final Fantasy 16 Preload and Launch Time Revealed!

With a release right around the corner, many of you are curious when the Final Fantasy 16 Preload is available. Here are all the details!

Final Fantasy 16 releases on June 22, 2023, for the PlayStation 5 and we're all really excited about the upcoming entries in Square Enix's iconic franchise. But just how long do you have to wait till you can download it and more importantly when can you play it?

We've done the research and here is everything we found out.

When is the Final Fantasy 16 Preload available?

FF16 will be available for preloading on June 19 for everyone who has preordered the game digitally on the PlayStation store. The game is around 95 GB large, so if you plan to play at launch make sure to download it ahead of time.

Final Fantasy 16 promises to be not just a spectacle but a fully-fledged linear action RPG. Finishing just the main story will take you 30-50 hours to beat.

And if you plan to complete all the extra content such as side quests, challenges, and hunts will easily push the game to the 80-hour mark before you consider optional difficulty modes.

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When does Final Fantasy 16 Launch?

Final Fantasy 16 launches on June 22 exclusively for the PlayStation 5. If you want to play the game as soon as possible.

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Depending on your sales region, the game will unlock at midnight in your timezone if you've already pre-loaded the game.

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If you want to play even earlier, you can create a PSN account in a different region and play whenever the game unlocks there. But keep in mind that your account will always be tied to its region.

But if you want to play Final Fantasy 16 right now, we have good news for you. Square Enix recently released a demo that includes the first 2 hours of the main story as well as a battle demo in which you can try action combat.

The progress from the main story demo will be carried over into the full version of the game.

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About Final Fantasy 16

The story follows Clive Rosfield, a skilled swordsman and First Shield of Rosaria, tasked with the protection of his younger brother Joshua—Dominant of the Phoenix.

Unexpected events, however, set the would-be hero on the dark and dangerous road to revenge.

It releases on June 22, 2023, for PlayStation 5 with a potential PC version sometime in the future.

Final Fantasy 16 Preload and Launch Time Revealed!
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