Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon and How To Get It

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Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon and How To Get It

Everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon, the best weapon in the game.

The Ultima Weapon is the best weapon available in Final Fantasy 16. It is almost impossible to tackle all the late-game challenges, that include the Chronolith Trials and Ultimaniac Mode, especially without it.

Getting to the Ultima Weapon is not that hard either, but there are plenty of steps involved so we'll walk you through each of them!

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How to get the Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon can only be obtained on New Game + and even then only on the Final Fantasy Mode difficulty which also only becomes available if you've beaten the game's story on either Story Focussed or Action Focussed Mode at least once.

While the Recipe to craft the Ultima Weapon will be made available to you, you'll only be able to craft it on the final leg of Clive's Journey.

To craft it you'll need 3 Materials: Utterance of Creation, Everdark Reforged, and the Gotterdammerung Reforged.

Utterance of Creation

Obtaining Utterance of Creation is very straightforward. The material will simply be placed into your inventory when you enter Final Fantasy Mode New Game +. As long as you don't get rid of it, you don't have to worry about it any further.

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Everdark Reforged

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Just like in the main game, the Everdark Reforged becomes available after a very simple but long-winding process of upgrading your basic sword. Every time you beat one of the games Eikon's you'll obtain a special material that will then allow you to craft a weapon with a design based on its element.

Do however keep in mind that every weapon requires a lot more materials to craft this time around. It is worth noting that skipping out on normal weapon upgrades in favor of these is recommended.

The upgrade path goes as follows:

  1. Stormcry Reforged (Can be Crafted after Defeating Garuda)
  2. Flametongue Reforged (Can be Crafted after Facing Ifrit)
  3. Levinbolt Reforged (Can be Crafted after Beating Typhoon)
  4. Grindstone Reforged (Can be Crafted after Annihalating Titan)
  5. Brightburn Reforged (Can be Crafted after Dueling Bahamut)
  6. Icebrand Reforged (Can be Crafted after Loosing to Barnabas, Again)
  7. Everdark Reforged (Can be Crafted after Kicking Barnabas while he's down)

Gotterdammerung Reforged

Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon

Getting the Gotterdammering in Final Fantasy Mode is pretty much the same as it is in the normal difficulty modes. You can find our comprehensive guide here, but we'll also give you the abridged version while you're here already.

To obtain the Gotterdammerung, you'll need to complete the following optional Sidequests:

  • Blacksmith Blues I
    • Available after Main Quest “Here be Monsters”
  • Blacksmith Blues II
    • Available after Main Quest “Letting off Steam III”
  • Blacksmith Blues III
    • Available after Main Quest “Like Father, Like Daughter”
  • Blacksmith Blues IV
    • Available after Main Quest “Across the Narrow”
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Completing all of these will also net you the Ragnarok Reforged which is a crafting component and also very useful in the endgame.

To complete Gotterdammerung, you'll also need the following materials

  • 1x Ragnarok Reforged (Weapon)
  • 3x Orichalcum
  • 2x Flawless Darksteel
  • 1x Flawless Primitive Battlehorn

Orichalcum is a reward you'll obtain from several of the late-game Side Quests which can also be carried over from your original save file. As for the Flawless Materials, you'll have to go hunt some notorious monsters for that, some of them will only become available after completing certain Side or Main Quests.

You can find a list of all the Notorious Hunt Marks here.

Crafting Ultima Weapon

Now it is only a matter of visiting Blackthorne in the Hideaway and handing in your materials for crafting. Congratulations, you're now in possession of the Ultima Weapon, the most powerful weapon available in Final Fantasy 16.

For more on Final Fantasy 16, make sure to visit our Features page here.

Final Fantasy 16 Ultima Weapon and How To Get It
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