Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung and How to Get It

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Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung and How to Get It

Want to get the best sword in Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung? Here is what you need to know.

Gotterdammerung is the best weapon you can get in Final Fantasy 16 in your first game. It's the most powerful weapon you can obtain in the first playthrough. But it also requires a lot of leg work to get. So here is a comprehensive guide to the entire process.

Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung Quests

To get the recipes for Gotterdammerung in FF16, you need to complete a series of sidequests. Most of them become available throughout the main story after the first act. They are fairly easy to spot thanks to the + sign they are marked with.

You have to complete the following quests:

  • Blacksmith Blues I
    • Available after Main Quest “Here be Monsters”
  • Blacksmith Blues II
    • Available after Main Quest “Letting off Steam III”
  • Blacksmith Blues III
    • Available after Main Quest “Like Father, Like Daughter”
  • Blacksmith Blues IV
    • Available after Main Quest “Across the Narrow”

For completing Blacksmith Blues IV you'll also obtain the Sword Ragnarok, a crafting component for Gotterdammerung.

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Crafting Gotterdammerung

To craft Gotterdammerung you will need the following components:

  • 1x Ragnarok (Weapon)
  • 3x Orichalcum
  • 2x Darksteel
  • 1x Primitive Battlehorn

Orichalcum: Orichalcum is a late-game crafting material that is rewarded by some of the Side Quests that unlock in the final section of the game, as well as some endgame Hunt Bosses.

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You get 1x Orichalcum for completing the quests “Under New Management” and “Under New Management 2” in Northreach. This will also unlock one of the later hunt bosses you'll need.

The second Orichalcum is easily obtained by going after Atlus, a Rank S Hunt boss you can find on Rosalith on the route from Martha's Rest to Eastpool behind an abandoned village.

The third Orichalcum is rewarded by going after the S Rank Hunt Gorgimera which becomes available after completing “Blacksmith Blues IV”. You can find it in Dhalmek on the eastern side of the Velkroy Desert.

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Darksteel: Darksteel is another material you'll need to craft the Gotterdammerung. It is exclusively rewarded by some of the Hunt Bosses.

The first one you want to go after is The Prince of Death which becomes available after completing the quest “Under New Management 2”. You can find him in Sanbreque to the far west side of the Royal Meadows.

The second Hunt Boss you want to go after is Thanatos who you can find Dhalmek on a road called Titans Wake next to a fallen ruin. This hunt will only become available before the final quest “Back to Their Origin”.

Primitive Battlehorn: The Primitive Battlehorn is the final material you'll need to get to craft Gotterdammerung. Luckily it is very easy to get, it just requires you to be on the final quest of the game.

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You need to slay Gobermouch who can be found in Waloed in the town of Eistla. Simply use the fast travel point located in the town and head west from the town square and up a flight of stairs. He should be very easy to find.

Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung

Now that you've collected all the materials, just head back to the Hideaway and talk to Blackthorn and use the crafting menu to craft Gotterdammerung. It is the most powerful weapon in the game on normal difficulty and is a great tool if you want to tackle the endgame challenges.

But there is also other equipment, such as the Ouroboros Ring and Belt which need Orichalcum and other special materials. Just like Gotterdammerung, those are obtained by completing Side Quests and all the optional Hunt Bosses.

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Final Fantasy 16 Gotterdammerung and How to Get It
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