Final Fantasy 16: How to Do Precision Sics

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Do Precision Sics

Up to now, we have compiled guides to help you learn some game mechanics related to Clive, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16. In this article, however, we have decided to provide you with useful information regarding the use of Precision Sics that can be performed using Torgal, Clive's faithful companion. In short, then, Precision Sics are very powerful attacks that players can perform against their enemies using Torgal. Below, we go deeper into the matter by explaining how to use them at various times in battles.

What is a Precision Sic?

The expert wolf-dog warrior Torgal created the potent combos known as Precision Sics, which are meant to be used only after an opponent has been skillfully dodged or knocked down. These skills are a vital component of Torgal's strong arsenal because they allow him to deal severe damage to his enemies while utilizing his remarkable agility and battle expertise.

Precision Sics allow Torgal to fire a barrage of quick and deliberate blows while surgically exposing the weaknesses of his foes when performed with finesse and timing. Torgal uses his superior reflexes to dodge or evade oncoming strikes by paying close attention to his adversaries' movements and anticipating their assaults, which throws them off guard and exposes them for a brief period of time.

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How to use Precision Sics?

When Clive issues either a Sic or a Ravage command to Torgal following the act of toppling or pushing back enemies, Torgal will proceed to execute a Precision Sic. This maneuver can be accomplished through a basic sequence of melee attacks. It is crucial to swiftly issue the attack command to Torgal immediately after the final phase of the combo. One effective method of knocking enemies airborne is by utilizing Downthrusts. Furthermore, it is possible to perform a Precision Sic after successfully executing an Eikonic Ability. Additionally, if a Precision Dodge is flawlessly executed, it provides the opportunity to direct Torgal to perform a Precision Sic as well.

Sic Precision Sics

Initiating a devastating combo that demonstrates his exceptional combat skills, Torgal performs a Precision Sic with the Sic command against grounded foes. Torgal's attacks are timed and executed with amazing accuracy, pelting his one target and rendering them helpless in the face of his unrelenting assault. Torgal demonstrates his ability to use deadly power when the situation calls for it through this deft execution, demonstrating that he is a great combat expert.

The transformation of Torgal into a raging vortex of spinning flames as he uses the Sic command to perform a Precision Sic on foes in the air is amazing. Torgal's attacks constantly beat the intended enemy, leaving them exposed and overpowered, with a cataclysmic storm of power as a result. Torgal's command of fire and command of lethal combat maneuvers are demonstrated by this amazing talent, which he uses to demonstrate his superiority on the battlefield.

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Ravage Precision Sics

Torgal transforms into a burning whirlwind of destruction when he performs a Precision Sic with the Ravage command against grounded foes. He deals a lot of damage and launches his opponents into the air with his flaming whirlwind combo. Torgal is known for being a force to be reckoned with because of his unique combination of strength, dexterity, and elemental mastery, which leaves his adversaries in awe and terrified of his unrelenting attack.

Torgal's destructive power and fine-tuned control are on display as he uses the Ravage command to execute a Precision Sic on adversaries that are in mid-air. The soaring foes are violently brought to the earth by Torgal with a powerful strike that combines his tremendous strength and elemental powers. Torgal's control of the battlefield and his enemies' quick demise is ensured by the ensuing impact, which leaves them damaged and in a defenseless, downed position.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Do Precision Sics
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