Final Fantasy 16 Characters – Protagonist Characters

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Final Fantasy 16 Characters – Protagonist Characters

Final Fantasy 16 is definitely one of the most anticipated titles. Since its announcement, it has aroused great interest in all longtime fans and also in people who are approaching its world for the first time. Final Fantasy has always been a series characterized by games with complex plots and with the presence of many characters. In this article, we're going to talk in-depth about the Final Fantasy 16 protagonist characters.

Who are the Final Fantasy 16 main characters?

Final Fantasy 16 characters are diverse and include Clive Rosfield, Joshua Rosfield, Jill Warrick, Torgal, Cidolfus Telamon, Hugo Kupka, Benedikta Harman, Dion Lesage, and Barnabas Tharmr. The game has not yet been released on the market, but it is already possible to gather information on the history and lore surrounding these characters on the net, especially after the recent release of the game demo which allowed us to obtain more information about it. We will try to make this article as spoiler-free as possible, so as not to reveal too succulent details that could spoil the surprise for you, and talk about the Final Fantasy 16 protagonists.

Clive Rosfield

Clive Rosfield takes center stage as the primary protagonist in Final Fantasy 16, assuming the role of the eldest son in the noble Rosfield lineage, which holds significant influence in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, a crucial location within the game's world. His younger brother, Joshua, is chosen to inherit their father's position as the esteemed Dominant of Phoenix, a formidable fiery Eikon and summon. Recognizing the perilous nature of Joshua's role, Clive dedicates himself to becoming an exceptional swordsman, honing his skills to protect his brother in his dangerous vocation. As a symbol of his unwavering commitment to safeguarding Joshua and the power of the Phoenix, Clive has been bestowed with the prestigious title of the First Shield of Rosaria.

During the initial stages of the game, we are introduced to a fifteen-year-old Clive, who becomes entangled in a pivotal encounter with the enigmatic and ominous Eikon Ifrit. Producer Naoki Yoshida has hinted at this event as a “grand tragedy,” suggesting that it serves as a catalyst for the tumultuous journey that lies ahead for Clive. Whatever unfolds during those fateful times sets him on a path driven by a thirst for vengeance. As the narrative progresses, we witness an older version of Clive, who has embarked on a quest for retribution, seeking to avenge the events of that tragic day. The trailers for Final Fantasy 16 provide glimpses of Clive both as a young man and as an adult, with the tragedy befalling him during his youth and the game delving deeper into his matured character as he embarks on his revenge-filled expedition.

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Clive Rosfield final fantasy 16

Joshua Rosfield

Joshua Rosfield, the younger sibling of Clive, plays a significant role in Final Fantasy 16 as the chosen Dominant of the Phoenix, a position originally intended for Clive himself. In a twist of fate, their father's legacy is bestowed upon Joshua, making him the rightful inheritor of the title. In the realm of Final Fantasy 16, a Dominant has the ability to merge with their associated summon, allowing Joshua to transform into the mighty Phoenix, a powerful Eikon of Fire that also symbolizes the kingdom through its presence on the kingdom's flag.

During the preceding events in the chronology of FF16, Joshua is depicted as a ten-year-old boy. The outcome of these events remains uncertain, as only time will reveal whether he survives the challenges that await him. However, if he does manage to overcome those obstacles, it is likely that he will progress in age and maturity, possibly reaching his late teens or beyond for the remainder of the game. Intriguingly, the trailers hint at an older version of Clive encountering a frozen Joshua, presumably at the same age as when they last interacted. This suggests that Joshua's circumstances may have taken a turn for the worse, adding an element of uncertainty and adversity to their journey.

joshua rosfield final fantasy 16

Jill Warrick

Jill Warrick, potentially the prominent female protagonist in Final Fantasy 16, has endured a challenging past. She was forcibly taken from her home and used as a political hostage, exchanged, and held captive to maintain peace among nations. Despite the circumstances of her arrival in the kingdom of Rosaria, the Archduke treated her with the utmost care, considering her as a daughter. This familial bond also established her role as a sister figure to both Clive and Joshua. In the early trailers of Final Fantasy 16, Jill can be observed in her younger years, approximately 12 years old, representing an early segment of the game's storyline.

As the narrative progresses, Jill reemerges as an adult, renowned as a skilled practitioner in both swordsmanship and ice manipulation. Her expertise in wielding blades is impressive, but she also holds the prestigious position of being Shiva's Dominant, the iconic summon associated with the Ice element that has been a recurring feature in most titles of the Final Fantasy series. Due to her close relationship with Clive and Joshua, it is highly plausible that Jill will assume the role of the primary female lead in Final Fantasy 16. The game trailers depict her engaging in battles against Odin's Dominant and collaborating with Clive to combat formidable monsters and peculiar futuristic automatons. This further emphasizes her significance and active involvement in the game's events.

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jill warrick final fantasy 16


Torgal emerges as Clive's unwavering and steadfast companion throughout the epic journey of Final Fantasy 16, standing out as the sole party member shown thus far with whom Clive can directly communicate and issue commands during battles. In the game's prologue, Torgal appears as an adorable puppy, however, following a significant time leap, he transforms into a fully-grown wolf-like dog, exhibiting sharp teeth and formidable combat skills that make him a formidable ally.

Not only does Torgal possess offensive capabilities to engage enemies in combat, but he also showcases a remarkable ability to heal Clive, further highlighting the profound and intimate bond they share. This also raises intriguing questions about Torgal's nature and existence. Considering the typical lifespan of dogs and wolves, one may wonder if there is something extraordinary about Torgal that allows him to not only remain alive but also appear in the prime of his life, despite at least fourteen years have passed, as suggested by dialogue in the trailers.

Torgal final fantasy 16

Cidolfus Telamon

As expected in a Final Fantasy game, there is a character that goes by the name Cidolfus, affectionately referred to as ‘Cid' by his companions. Formerly a soldier in the Royal Army of Waloed, Cid has now become an outlaw driven by a noble cause. His mission revolves around establishing a sanctuary for individuals who face persecution in society, particularly those possessing magical abilities and those who serve as Dominants of Eikons—traits shared by many members of the game's cast.

Cid himself is a Dominant, wielding the power of the revered Thunder God Ramuh. In keeping with the tradition of the Cid archetype seen in previous Final Fantasy titles, Cid in Final Fantasy 16 is portrayed as both a scientist and an inventor. His tireless research plays a vital role in his pursuit of creating a haven where the persecuted can find refuge and protection. Throughout the game, Cid is depicted as one of the few party members who actively fight alongside Clive, although his actions are controlled by AI. Joining forces with Jill and Torgal, Cid becomes an integral part of Clive's journey, contributing his unique abilities and unwavering dedication to the cause they all share.

Cidolfus Telamon final fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Characters – Protagonist Characters
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