Final Fantasy 16: How to Use Precision Dodge

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Use Precision Dodge

This time, we will discuss how to do Precision Dodge in Final Fantasy 16 after previously discussing how to Parry, Stagger enemies, and perform Limit Breaks. By evading an opponent's strike at the ideal moment, you will be able to execute a Precision Dodge. You may learn how to execute a Precision Dodge and a Precision Counter in this article, as well as several tricks to get better at using these moves.

What is Precision Dodge?

Precision Dodge is a non-Eikonic Ability that Clive, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16, can learn right from the beginning of his journey. This powerful maneuver allows Clive to evade enemy attacks with exceptional precision and timing, granting him an advantage in battle. To unlock Precision Dodge, navigate to the Abilities menu within the game. Here, you will find a variety of skills and techniques that Clive can learn and enhance throughout his adventure. Look for the Precision Dodge ability and select it to unlock its potential.

Precision Dodge will become an essential tool in Clive's battle repertoire once it is unlocked. He can sidestep or roll out of harm's way with ease thanks to this skill, dodging opposing attacks and keeping his position in the middle of the action. He gains a brief period of invincibility as a result, which he uses to deflect blows and open doors for counterattacks. You'll have the chance to improve and tweak Precision Dodge more as you advance through the game. The efficiency of this talent can be enhanced by allocating ability points to it, providing Clive with further advantages like longer evasion ranges, less stamina consumption, or even momentary bonuses following successful dodges.

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How to use Precision Dodge?

As implied by the name, a Precision Dodge demands exact timing. You must press the Dodge button—typically R1 by default—exactly as an opponent's strike is about to land in order to execute this move effectively. It's important to keep in mind that this tactic will only work for a little period of time, just before the strike connects. The Dodge button won't register as a Precision Dodge if you push it too soon or too late. Therefore, in order to ensure that the Precision Dodge is executed successfully, it is crucial to aim for that small window of opportunity.

One thing we want to suggest is that you can follow up on the Precision Dodge with a Precision Counter. In fact, upon successfully executing a Precision Dodge, you will witness a noticeable effect on the enemy. They will experience a reduction in speed and vulnerability, setting the stage for a Precision Counter.

To initiate a Precision Counter, swiftly press either the Attack or Magic button immediately after performing the Precision Dodge. This quick and seamless transition from the dodge maneuver to launching an attack or casting magic enables you to take advantage of the enemy's temporary state of weakness. Be prepared to strike or unleash a powerful spell to exploit this opportunity and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

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Precision Dodge useful tips

Wearing the Ring of Timely Focus, which starts a Quick Time Event where time is slowed before an attack impacts, may help you dodge attacks if you're having trouble. When executed during these QTEs, every dodge you make will be a Precision Dodge. You might also think about the Ring of Timely Evasion, which causes you to automatically avoid attacks without having to hit the dodge button. It's not a given that these dodges will be exact, though.

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Furthermore, you can choose to upgrade this ability. In fact, the Precision Dodge's trigger window will be larger once you improve and master it. For this skill to be mastered, you will require 500 Ability Points. Aside from that, remember that you may prevent doing this if you follow the previous advice and wear the Ring of Timely Focus. Therefore, it is up to you to select the tactic that suits your demands and you the best.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Use Precision Dodge
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