Final Fantasy 16: How to Stagger Enemies

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Stagger Enemies

Mastering the art of staggering adversaries in Final Fantasy 16 is more than simply a skill; it's a game-changing tactic that can give you a decisive advantage on the battlefield. When you effectively stagger your opponents, the potential to unleash tremendous damage and swing the balance of battle in your favor becomes a reality. Staggering foes is a tactical move that can change the course of even the most difficult conflicts. It's not just about dealing additional damage to the target. You will develop into a fearsome force that is capable of startling opponents with unmatched effectiveness by taking advantage of their weaknesses, perfecting timing, applying pressure, releasing burst damage, and adjusting your strategy. This post will go into detail about crucial tips and strategies that will enable you to stun opponents with unmatched efficacy.

How to Stagger enemies?

In Final Fantasy 16, a decisive takedown occurs when the enemy's Will Gauge is successfully reduced. When an adversary is defeated, they are rendered immobile and unable to move or launch counterattacks until their Will Gauge is fully recovered to 100%. You have a huge array of powerful skills and attacks that can be used to deadly effect during this crucial window of vulnerability. Each blow deals increased damage, scaling up to an amazing 150% increase, making this the ideal opportunity to show off your prowess by unleashing tremendous strikes on a totally staggered opponent.

When an enemy's Will Gauge reaches 50%, they become slightly staggered, and a huge opportunity presents itself. As the enemy begins to partially stagger at this time, a brief but vital window of opportunity opens up during which you can unleash a string of lethal combos without worrying about being interrupted. You must display your combat skill and deal crushing strikes to the enemy who is only slightly staggered during this brief window of opportunity.

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Success in the fight depends on applying constant, unrelenting pressure on the adversary. You reduce their chances of recovery and significantly increase your chances of completing a takedown by administering severe attacks repeatedly while steadily draining their Will Gauge. It is beneficial to use skills that particularly target the enemy's Will Gauge while they are staggered or partially staggered in order to increase your fighting efficiency. With the use of these tactical skills, you can quickly and effectively enter the takedown phase by reducing the enemy's Will Gauge.

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Staggering tips

There are different tips to follow if you want to make your opponent fall into a state of Staggering. One of the main ones to follow is undoubtedly to rely on certain skills. The skills in Final Fantasy 16 are many, as we have also seen in this article, and are linked to the different Eikons present in the game. However, not all of them are required to complete this game mechanic. The skills you need to rely on are all related to the Eikons Garuda and Phoenix and are Gouge, Wicked Wheel, and Scarlet Cyclone. Unlocking these skills, as we have explained in this article, will be of great help in being able to emerge victorious from battles without major problems.

Once an enemy is in a Staggering state, it is possible to call upon other abilities available in Clive's repertoire in order to deal damage. Using the right skills on staggered enemies will be very useful in battle, as it allows you to deal a greater amount of damage than when enemies are in normal conditions. The skills we recommend using, in this case, are Windup, Rising Flames, and Upheaval. These are three skills that we recommend unlocking in the initial stages of the game, thanks to the fact that they manage to be very useful in battle.

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Finally, another tip we want to give you to make the most of the staggering mechanic is to also make use of Limit Breaks. As explained in this article, Limit Breaks allow Clive to enhance his strength and land a combo of powerful attacks, which results in him dealing a huge amount of damage to the enemies in front of the players. In addition to this, as we have already explained more than extensively in the article dedicated to Limit Breaks, they also allow you to restore the protagonist's life, which is more than useful, especially in fights against more powerful opponents or against a large group of enemies.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Stagger Enemies
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