Final Fantasy 16: How to Use Eikonic Feats

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Use Eikonic Feats

Eikonic Feats in Final Fantasy 16 refer to special abilities that empower Clive in his battles against enemies, granting him the means to either close distances swiftly or establish an impenetrable defense. To fully grasp the concept and mechanics of Eikonic Feats, we will explore each ability individually, delving into its unique characteristics and benefits. Furthermore, we will outline various strategies and tactics for effectively utilizing these Feats to maximize their potential in battle. In this guide, we will delve into the details of these remarkable abilities, covering their functions, and usage techniques, and providing an in-depth understanding of what Eikonic Feats truly entail.

What are Eikonic Feats?

Eikonic Feats, in the context of Clive's battles in Final Fantasy 16, are extraordinary abilities possessed by Eikons, which Clive can utilize without any cooldown limitations during combat, differently from Limit Breaks. These unique capabilities serve the purpose of assisting Clive in various ways, such as narrowing the distance between himself and his adversaries, as well as shielding him from enemy assaults.

Each Eikon, the formidable beings Clive allies himself with, possesses a distinct set of Feats designed to aid him in combat. These Feats are invaluable tools that allow Clive to quickly close in on his enemies, ensuring he can engage them swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, the Feats provide Clive with the means to block incoming attacks from adversaries, reinforcing his defense and enhancing his survivability on the battlefield.

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To keep track of the currently active Eikonic Feat, you can refer to the visual representation displayed on the right side of the R2 button. This button corresponds to the Circle button on your controller, which is associated with the Eikonic Feat mechanic. By glancing at this indicator, Clive can readily identify the specific Eikonic Feat he currently has equipped, allowing him to utilize its powers effectively in combat. This visual cue serves as a helpful reminder, ensuring that Clive remains aware of the active Eikonic Feat, enabling him to make strategic decisions and unleash the appropriate ability at the right moment during his intense battles in Final Fantasy 16.


How to use Eikonic Feats

By pressing the Circle button on your controller, you initiate the activation of the Eikonic Feat that is presently equipped and ready for use. This simple action serves as the catalyst for unleashing the power contained within the chosen Eikonic Feat. However, before you can use an Eikonic Feat, you will have to equip it. Note that, once, you have equipped one of them, you can always switch Feats.

How to equip Eikonic Feats

Equipping Eikonic Feats is easy and you only need to follow a few steps to do it:

  • Go to the Gears & Eikons tab
  • Select a slot under Eikons
  • Select the Eikon you want to equip
  • If you want, you can change the Eikon order
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How to switch Eikons

To transition between different Eikons, you can utilize the L2 button, which triggers the switching mechanism. By pressing L2, you can effortlessly alternate between the Eikons that are currently equipped. Monitoring the active Eikon is conveniently facilitated through visual cues presented on the screen. You can see the picture of the presently active Eikon in the upper left corner of the screen, next to your health bar. This detail will let you know about the Eikon's presence and enables you to quickly determine which of the capabilities and abilities of the Eikon are currently equipped and at your disposal. In addition, if you look at the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a group of icons that resemble stoplights. The arrow symbol lets you know which Eikon you are using at that moment.


Final Fantasy 16: How to Use Eikonic Feats
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