Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Ultima (Origin)

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Ultima (Origin)

In Final Fantasy 16, the main mission “Of Gods and Men” requires players to defeat Ultima (Origin), after defeating Ultima. In the main quest of Final Fantasy 16, this is the last boss that the player will encounter. We again advise you to win this battle by following a very specific and effective strategy. We decided to produce this article in order to help you defeat Ultima for this reason, and we will give you some useful ideas below.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The main mission “Of Gods and Men” is where you can find Ultima, as we mentioned in the introduction of this article. The player will not gain prizes for killing this particular boss, in contrast to what happened with other boss battles. Ultima, however, must be taken seriously since, as we have already warned you about the other bosses, he may get you into a lot of difficulty. The most important course of action is therefore to use the correct strategy in order to remove the boss and prevail in this fight. This monster, like virtually all the other bosses in the game, also possesses distinctive fighting abilities. These abilities include Flare, Holy, Ultima, Meteor, Smite, Aureola, Stellar Xyston, Antistrophe, The Rapture, Pulsar, Fulmen and Fulgur, Divine Embrace, Euroclydon, Cataclysm, Boreal Rhapsody, Severance, Exaflare, Limit Break, Empyrosis, Ashes to Ashes, and Flames of Creation.

final fantasy 16 ultima origin

How to defeat Ultima (Origin)

The fight against Ultima is divided into different phases, each of them with its characteristics and strategies to follow in order to proceed to the next one. You only need to follow the directions and let the remainder of the scenes play because the initial part of the final boss battle is made up completely of Quick Time Events. Inevitably, you'll get hurt in some spots, but that's just how the process goes.

Due to their slowness and obviousness, Ultima's melee attacks are somewhat predictable. To gradually reduce his health, use Precision Dodges and Precision Strikes on each attack. In addition to Precision Dodging the magic bullets as you get closer, you may also use a melee or ranged attack to block them. Just watch out—Ultima has a rush attack that she can use as an immediate response, so it's safer to use a ranged counter.

A new battle with Eikon awaits in the third phase against Ultima, who is now known as Ultima Risen. Considering the Risen won't actually do much damage and that Firelight makes it simple to regain lost health, you can concentrate more on hitting than evading. Three consecutive blasts make up Antistrophe, so get ready to avoid them all before continuing your attack. Purgatory will begin to cast when Ultima Risen is around 50% of the way to full health. Prior to the countdown expiring or the game being lost, press attack and swiftly drain the barrier's health bar. Pay heed to these and be sure to time your dodge since Ultima Risen will continue to attack with magic spheres and beams while casting.

In the last phase of the conflict, Ultima can use the skills of the other Eikons. You should concentrate on avoiding until Ultima stops since these named attacks cover a large area. Ultima may employ these swiftly one after the other in the last stages of the battle, so be on guard.

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final fantasy 16 ultima origin

Ultima (Origin)'s abilities

Ultima has plenty of abilities to use in the fight to deal damage to enemies. This version of Ultima's skills won't require as much work to avoid as they did in the first battle with Ultima, where maneuvers like Neutron Flare and Eternal Darkness required extra steps. Simply moving away from their areas of effect (AoE) can allow you to evade the named assaults Flare, Holy, Ultima, and Meteor. In the red zone, where you should exit, markers will appear on the ground. Use Cold Snap or dodge to flee quickly.

Flare is a special attack that initially may cause some disorientation. Ultima calls forth a few tiny crystals in front of him, but more ominously, four enormous fireballs swirl in your direction from all directions. As soon as you see this attack begin, instantly (and repeatedly) dodge to either side and exit the area indicated by the orbs' trail of fire. If you don't, the center collision between the orbs will cause them to all explode.

Another distinctive skill used by Ultima is called Holy, which causes the floor to be covered in a massive circular hazard zone with a large crystal at its center. As soon as you notice this circle appearing beneath you, start dodging out of it. You will always start to be drawn in towards him at the center of the arena if you are hit by the aptly called Ultima ability, which involves summoning a gravitational field that fills the entire arena. After being sucked in for a moment or two, a massive explosion will slowly spread out from the core.

The Meteor skill has Ultima causes a meteor to descend into an orange circle on the floor, and then several more do the same and fall throughout the arena, each sending forth slow-moving shockwaves. Furthermore, when casting the Smite ability, Ultima teleports right next to you, summons a large beam, and then fires it. As a result, you should wait until Ultima teleports close to you before dodging.

Ultima will start The Rapture once she has recovered from being thoroughly stunned for the first time. Ultima is sending forth a huge explosion, and while it would seem impossible to avoid getting hurt, there is a simple way to do so: just wildfire backward till the blast stops. In order to shoot a massive green beam from each hand, Stellar Xyston positions Ultima with his arms outstretched to the sides. Then, as Ultima turns around in a circle, he will sweep the rays over his path.

In Aureola, Ultima shoots a circular blade as a shockwave, followed by a series of blades that are aimed at you at various angles. Ultima uses a special attack called Pulsar in which he fires a total of 8 enormous green beams in a ring around himself before rotating the ring around various axes, forcing you to dodge when necessary or move to a better position if they're coming in at an angle where you can easily escape them.

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Ultima is capable of using all of the Eikons' skills in his last evolved state. Ultima will start this phase with Fulmen and Fulgur in which he summons different danger zones throughout the arena that will each burst with electrical energy after a delay thanks to Ramuh's spear. In Divine Embrace, Garuda fires one of its claws in your general direction. If it makes contact with you, it will grip you and pull you in, knocking you out of balance and leaving you vulnerable to more strikes. The claw fires quickly, but after a few practice runs, you should be able to perfect the timing.

You may recall using the Euroclydon maneuver during the battle with Benedikta much earlier in the game. His summons will cause a variety of smaller Garuda claws to descend from the sky and strike you in the face. Cataclysm is Ultima's equivalent to Titan's move, which summons Titan's fist and causes it to strike the ground, creating a hazardous zone. After a few period of time, the outer edge of that circle will erupt with sharp rocks, a larger circle will develop, then a third circle, and so on.

When the fight resumes normally, Ultima can utilize Exaflare to unleash a scorching beam that sweeps across the arena horizontally. Then, with a new beam, he will sweep back in the opposite direction. Keep your distance and, if necessary, execute a precision dodge since the flaming trail the beams leave behind will instantly detonate. Ultima can create enormous ice shards that will gradually fall to the ground above you in Boreal Rhapsody. Just keep them from falling on top of you; the avoidance strategy is very obvious and simple here. If you get trapped in one of Ultima's freezing air spheres, you can still dodge any oncoming strikes once it passes. Ultima can also occasionally conjure a sphere of air over you that will briefly slow down your movements and attacks.

Severance is harnessing Odin's abilities, as this combat is identical to The Lord's Measure, in which dozens of red lines flood the arena, each unleashing a lethal beam. Ultima uses Limit Break to gain another rush of energy while the conflict continues. Empyrosis then commands Ultima to create flames about himself before soaring into the air and falling back down in a pillar of fire, while simultaneously throwing forth an area-wide tsunami that you must jump over or duck through.

With Ashes to Ashes the boss will shoot numerous homing missiles at your location using the power of the Phoenix; to avoid being hit, you must evade the missiles. Then, as he approaches you, he will dive-bomb before coming tumbling down in a new pillar of fire. One of the more notable ones is Flames of Creation, in which Ultima flies into the air above the arena and starts to conjure a blue fireball the size of Hellfire that he will unleash at you while moving very slowly. You should keep moving while the fireball descends and, if at all possible, stay near the arena's outside edges due to the size of the fireball.

final fantasy 16 ultima origin

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Ultima (Origin)
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