Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Tiamat

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Tiamat

After defeating Shiva's Dominant in Final Fantasy 16, you will run into the boss Tiamat in the main quest “A Chance Encounter.” To beat Tiamat, you must have a combination of quickness, accuracy, and strategic thinking. Due to his immense might and powerful skills, you must maintain your whole focus and patience to defeat this adversary. To assist you in taking on this challenging boss and moving further in the game, in this article, we will offer some helpful suggestions and tips.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The main quest “A Chance Encounter,” which takes place in the Nysa Defila region of the Dhalmekian Republic, will pit players against the Tiamat boss, as was previously said in the introduction of this article. If Clive is to make a difference in this close battle, he must employ every one of his skills, and if he does, everyone will benefit.

Along with many things including Wyrrite and Meteorite, players will also get 94 Experience Points (XP) to aid them in progress in their quest, 104 Ability Points (AP), and 300 Gil as a thank-you for their dedication and hard work. The triumph emblem and objects that resemble trophies serve as a reminder of the players' successful overthrow of Tiamat in the form of these rewards.

Tiamat should not, however, be treated carelessly, it must be remembered. Similar to Clive, this formidable boss possesses special skills that have a significant impact on how battles unfold. Enruin's Tiamat ability necessitates careful planning and preparation in order to defeat them. In the final section of this post, we'll go into great length on Tiamat's Enruin skill in order to give you all the information you need to take on this dangerous foe.

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How to defeat Tiamat

Tiamat is remarkably agile, able to parry, dodge, and unleash counterattacks with skill. It's important to refrain from indiscriminately launching a volley of assaults against him because they probably won't work. Instead, you must take a defensive stance and watch out for his offensive moves, then take advantage of the right opportunity to perform a precise Precision Dodge. Once you successfully avoid his attack, use the chance to bridge the gap and launch a counteroffensive by using Phoenix Shift as soon as possible.

Stagger or disturb Tiamat's serenity in order to inflict the most harm possible. When you've done that, unleash the destructive combo of Scarlet Cyclone (R1 and Triangle) and Rising Flames (R1 and Square). Tiamat will be left reeling in the face of your onslaught as a result of this string of potent attacks that will amp up your assault. But if you find it difficult to adjust to Tiamat's quick movements and erratic patterns, it would be wise to keep your distance and use ranged combat instead. You can monitor and become familiar with his assault patterns using this method, giving you important insights into his behavior and enhancing your ability to plan your strategy.

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Tiamat's ability

The powerful and distinctive special ability known as Enruin, which allows Tiamat to unleash a trio of devastating combo attacks on his enemies, is represented by Tiamat. It is crucial to avoid falling victim to this attack's ensnarement because doing so would leave you defenseless and unable to act until the ability expires. It is not advisable to launch direct assaults at this phase as you run the risk of becoming caught in Tiamat's lethal combination of moves.

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It is imperative to practice patience and restraint at this crucial time. You give yourself the chance to survive Tiamat's assault by resisting the need to launch quick counterattacks. You may be sure that after the onslaught stops, there will be a chance for retaliation. Keep your cool, endure the situation, and be ready to retaliate when the moment is perfect.

Utilizing Precision Dodge toward the end of Tiamat's third combo is a well-executed strategy to successfully counter Enruin. You can gracefully avoid his assaults by carefully timing your dodge and taking advantage of his weaknesses. Utilize Tiamat's momentary frailty to your advantage by seizing the chance to launch a fierce counterattack while he is vulnerable.

final fantasy 16 tiamat

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Tiamat
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