Final Fantasy 16 Final Fantasy Mode Explained

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Final Fantasy 16 Final Fantasy Mode Explained

Here is everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Final Fantasy difficulty and then some!

If you want to get the most out of your time with Final Fantasy 16, the Final Fantasy difficulty is the way to go. Not only will the mode test your skills as Clive, but it will also allow you to get the most out of its various systems and equipment options.

It is also the perfect way to prepare you for the Ultimaniac Arcade Mode which has you compete with people online for a high score. So here is everything you need to know about Final Fantasy Mode.

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How to Unlock the Final Fantasy 16 Final Fantasy Mode

The Final Fantasy Difficulty in Final Fantasy 16 will only become available after you've already completed the game at least once on Story Focussed or Action Focussed Difficulty.

After completing the Main Quest, you'll be able to create a Clear Save File and start a New Game + Save File on whatever Difficulty you want. This will also Unlock the Final Fantasy Difficulty which will only be available from a Cleared Save File.

What is Final Fantasy Mode?

If you're familiar with the different difficulty options of Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy Mode is more similar to that than your traditional optional modes.

In the Stages, Final Fantasy 16's equivalent to dungeons enemy placements get completely reworked, and even some of the minibosses come in new flavors. The level cap is also increased from Level 50 all the way to Level 100 and you'll be able to upgrade and craft new pieces of equipment as the game progresses.

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It should also be noted that Enemies will start at Level 50 this time around. They have a lot more health, deal more damage and act more aggressively and some early encounters with Mini-bosses will use abilities originally only seen in the later parts of the game's campaign.

And if you start into New Game +, the game will carry over most of your progress including your inventory and equipment, current level, AP Points, and Eikon Abilities. Additionally, you'll be able to craft the Ultima Weapon, the strongest weapon in the game towards the end of your second run.

But before you start into New Game +, make sure that you've collected all Accessories on the other Difficulty modes. Because Exclusive to Final Fantasy Mode, you can combine two Accessories that relate to your Eikon Abilities and stack the effects. Meaning you can greatly reduce cooldowns or increase damage numbers.

Final Fantasy Mode will also allow you to access Ultimaniac Mode in the Arcade Mode section of the Arete Stone, an even more difficult version of different Stages of Final Fantasy 16.

You also need to complete Final Fantasy Mode's story at least once in order to obtain the Platinum Trophy of Final Fantasy 16, it is also the easiest way to gain more AP for the “Master Class” Trophy which requires you to master all Eikon Abilities.

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Final Fantasy Mode Tips

Here are some general tips that will help you survive Final Fantasy Mode.

Much like the normal game, always consider your equipment and try to upgrade and update it at the Hideaway as often as possible. Most normal equipment will have additional upgrade options now.

Stun lock is much more of a threat this time around, you can easily die when being trapped in a boss's combo. Using Limit Break allows you to escape one of these Touch of Death Combos so always be aware of its defensive capabilities and use it like it instead.

Since you'll be able to combine Accessories with each other to stack their effects, having the right build for the right encounter can make a fight a lot easier. The game will make great use of the fact that you have access to all your Eikon abilities.

Lacking behind in level while progressing the Main Story will also turn into more of an issue due to how enemy levels scale. Check out our guide for EXP Grinding here and make sure to keep up with the Side Quests for Upgrade Materials, Equipment, EXP, and additional features like the Potion Upgrades.

For more on Final Fantasy 16, check out our Features Page and stay tuned here on ESTNN

Final Fantasy 16 Final Fantasy Mode Explained
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