Final Fantasy 16 Best Beginner Abilities

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Final Fantasy 16 Best Beginner Abilities

Starting out in Final Fantasy 16, it's important to invest in the best be­ginner abilities that are practical and ve­rsatile. Avoid investing in abilities that you may only use­ occasionally early on. As you progress in the game­, new abilities will become­ available for purchase later on. This article­ focuses specifically on the e­ssential starting abilities by highlighting their be­nefits and suggesting optimal applications.

What are the best beginner abilities in Final Fantasy 16?

As you plunge into your Final Fantasy 16 e­xpedition, a whole bunch of crucial abilities are­ at your disposal, which are obtainable through purchasing. There­ are also some Phoenix tre­e innate powers that you can tap into right from the­ get-go. To help enhance­ your gaming escapade, we have­ collated a list of top-rated abilities and powe­rs for you to prioritize.

Swift Recovery

This ability can be highly valuable in certain battles but may not be essential in others. Its purpose is to facilitate a faster recovery when knocked down by an enemy. It is recommended to acquire this skill early on and familiarize yourself with its functionality. By gaining a thorough understanding of its usefulness, you can effectively gauge when it would be advantageous to utilize it. By experimenting with this ability early in the game, you will be able to recognize situations where it proves beneficial, particularly when facing specific bosses. Failing to explore its potential early on may result in overlooking the occasions where investing Ability Points into it becomes crucial, as well as the enemies against which it can be most effective.

swift recovery


The Gauge ability grants you the power to summon a pair of claws, which you can utilize to aggressively rend your target. This ability can be employed while airborne and greatly enhances the multiplier for your stagger damage. When facing formidable foes, the Gauge ability proves effective in stunning them, inflicting substantial harm to their health. Alternatively, it can also be employed against groups of smaller adversaries, providing superior crowd control during the encounter. Upgrading this ability will enhance the swiftness of your subsequent strikes, further augmenting its effectiveness.



With the Stomp ability, you can deliver powerful kicks to nearby enemies while airborne. This not only elevates your jump height but also prolongs your time in the air, enabling you to execute impressive aerial combos. Engaging in combat with a group of adversaries becomes not only effective but also immensely enjoyable through this ability. Stomp brings about a transformative experience in the game's combat mechanics, and its effectiveness may vary depending on the specific areas you encounter. By experimenting with this ability, you gain the opportunity to adapt your playstyle accordingly, capitalizing on its strengths whenever the need arises in a particular area.

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Upheaval is an excellent ability when confronting smaller clusters of enemies. After utilizing Gauge to stagger a large group of foes, following it up with Upheaval can prove highly advantageous. This skill delivers a devastating area-of-effect attack by slamming the ground, inflicting damage upon all nearby enemies. The effectiveness of Upheaval is directly proportional to the number of enemies within its range. By holding down the button, you can expand the reach of this attack, ensuring that as many enemies as possible fall within its area. This approach aids in reducing the overall number of adversaries, subsequently minimizing the amount of incoming damage to your health.


Charged Magic

Charged Magic is a user-friendly ability that offers a simple yet effective way to amplify your damage output during opportune moments. When casting a magic spell, you have the option to hold down the triangle button, intensifying its potency. By utilizing this ability, you can transform brief instances of magical attacks against nearby or elevated enemies into more advantageous scenarios. Rather than launching quick, minor bursts of magic, you can hold down the button to achieve more favorable effects, all while performing the same action as you would normally. Charged Magic empowers you to make the most of your magical arsenal, enhancing your overall effectiveness in combat.

charged magic


Windup enables you to unleash a powerful punch directly in front of you, delivering a substantial blow to your target. Holding down the button intensifies the strength of the attack. This maneuver has the capability to forcefully propel an enemy backward, effectively creating distance between you and your opponent. The Windup ability proves invaluable in situations where you feel surrounded by adversaries or need an opportunity to evade an enemy positioned behind you. If you find yourself not in close proximity to your intended target, you can continue holding down the button while maneuvering closer. Once you reach the desired range, simply release the button to execute the attack.



To enhance your combat prowess, consider combining the Stomp and Downthrust abilities. By pressing the X button simultaneously with the square button, you can execute a devastating crashing maneuver, inflicting significant damage. Following this, you can seamlessly transition into using Stomp once again, repeating the sequence. This combination enables a highly mobile attack pattern, rendering you elusive to distant enemies attempting to strike you with projectiles. While it may not yield the same magnitude of damage as pairing Gauge with Upheaval, this Stomp and Downthrust combo proves highly effective against different types of enemy groups. By incorporating this technique into your combat strategy, you can maintain constant movement, evading enemy attacks while dealing consistent damage. It provides a dynamic approach to engagements, ensuring your versatility and adaptability on the battlefield.

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Rook's Gambit

With this ability, you gain the capability to execute a strategic retreat followed by a devastating counterattack against your target. If you successfully evade an incoming attack while performing this maneuver, the damage of your counter-offense is heightened, and the ability's cooldown is reduced, granting you a shorter waiting period before it can be employed once more. Moreover, this ability can be utilized even while you are airborne, expanding its versatility in combat scenarios. It proves particularly advantageous in one-on-one battles, enabling you to maximize your damage output within a condensed timeframe. By incorporating this move into your repertoire, you can engage in tactical retreats, swiftly followed by punishing counter-offensive.  This combination of defensive maneuvering and precise strikes empowers you to excel in individual confrontations, inflicting substantial damage upon your adversaries while maintaining a dynamic combat flow.

rook's gambit


By utilizing this ability, you gain the ability to swiftly dash forward and launch into an attack, enabling you to engage in combat with remarkable speed. This allows you to initiate combos more promptly and dispatch enemies with greater efficiency. Eliminating a larger number of adversaries early on reduces the overall threats you need to contend with on the battlefield. While it may lack the flashy spectacle of certain previous entries, investing in this ability significantly enhances your success rate in battles by expanding your offensive capabilities. Additionally, it serves as a valuable maneuver for swiftly evading enemy attacks while simultaneously dealing damage to another foe. This ability prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness, enabling you to rapidly join the fray, maintain a high offensive tempo, and swiftly neutralize potential threats.



This technique provides an excellent means to neutralize adversaries who attempt to harm you from a distance while you focus on dealing with closer-range enemies. By employing this ability, you can summon a protective wall of fire that effectively nullifies incoming projectiles. Subsequently, you gain the ability to unleash a series of powerful shock waves to retaliate against your ranged attacker. By honing your mastery of this ability, you can unleash an increased number of shock waves, swiftly eliminating the threat they pose. It is highly recommended to incorporate this ability into your arsenal when facing foes who heavily rely on magical projectiles. By respecting and allocating resources to this skill, you fortify your defenses against ranged assaults, ensuring that you can swiftly retaliate and dispatch your magical projectile-wielding adversaries. This technique proves invaluable in maintaining control over the battlefield, and neutralizing distant threats while you focus on prioritizing and defeating enemies in close proximity.


Final Fantasy 16 Best Beginner Abilities
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