FFXIV Ultimate Content Explained

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FFXIV Ultimate Content Explained

Learn everything there is to know about FFXIV Ultimate Content. Here is how you prepare for Final Fantasy XIV's hardest content.

As we prepare for the launch of Dawntrail, many players will consider tackling some of Final Fantasy XIV's other challenges to kill time. One of these is the infamous Ultimate Raids. These from the absolute pinnacle of FFXIV's current content are notoriously difficult and require a lot of time, practice, and patience to clear.

In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Ultimates, how to prepare for them, their rewards, and what an Ultimate Encounter even is.

FFXIV Ultimate Content Explained

The ultimate is the absolute peak of Final Fantasy XIV's raiding content. It is the hardest type of content available in the game and usually requires full, preset groups and extensive planning to through. Groups who decide to go in blind take weeks and even months of progression to get a single clear.

Considering that the rewards are a weapon that is only good for that particular fight a title, you'd think no one will go for them but the prestige of being a Legend of Eorzea allures everyone at some point. Just be warned, these fights are tough. Even with the assistance of Guides, they require nearly perfect play from every member of your group and a single mistake can wipe the party.

As for the fights themselves, they tend to be remixes of previous raid tiers or trial series' in spirit but are vastly different from the encounter they are based on. As of writing, there are 5 Ultimate Raids available in the game with a 6th and 7th one planned for Dawntrail.

Unlocking Ultimate Raids

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The Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCOB) Unlock

UCOB was the first Ultimate Raid introduced to FFXIV and is widely considered one of the easier ones for new groups. It is currently synched at level 70 and item level 345. To unlock it, you need to have cleared Datascape V4.0 (Savage) and speak to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane.

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In this fight, you'll relive the events of the Coils Raid and face off against familiar foes with new tricks up their sleeves. Due to the item level squish, you should be fine gear-wise as long as you have the job leveled and geared at 90.

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The Weapon's Refrain (UWU) Unlock

Commonly referred to as UWU (Ultimate Weapon Ultimate) is the second Ultimate Raid introduced to FFXIV. It is considered to be the easiest of them all and perfect if you want to try yourself at this level of difficulty. To unlock it, you'll have to clear Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage) and talk to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane.

This fight is a retelling of the events of A Realm Reborn and has you face off against the 3 Primals and the Ultimate Weapon itself. Due to item level squish, no preparation is required if you have a job geared and leveled at 90.

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The Epic of Alexander (TEA) Unlock

Dubbed TEA is the third and only Ultimate Raid introduced in Shadowbringers. This raid is a retelling and reimagining of the contest with the Primal Alexander which has players face FFXIV's most notorious Raid Tier. You unlock it by beating Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage) (E4S).

Just like the previous 2, as long as you are max level and geared, you should need no additional preparations. However, this raid is notoriously difficult. It features some very tight DPS checks even a few years after its release.

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Dragonsong's Reprise (DSR/DSU) Unlock

We're gonna go with DSU here as the short for obvious reasons. This is the first Ultimate Raid introduced in Endwalker and is a retelling of the events of Heavenswards from 3.0 to the finale of the Dragonsong War from 3.3. This Ultimate Encounter is weird, it is one of the more experimental fights and requires an extremely well-coordinated team.

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Here you'll need to do some prep work. Currently, the best gear is a mix of Tier 1 and Dungeon Gear which can wildly change depending on class. We recommend checking out the Balance Discord for the current best set. The fight is unlocked by clearing Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) (P4S)

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The Omega Protocol (TOP) Unlock

The last Ultimate Fight introduced to FFXIV is TOP which is a retelling of the Omega Raid series. It is an extremely tough and complicated fight that made many groups quit in the past. It's not as much a puzzle fight as DSU but it requires an extreme level of coordination and communication by the group attempting to clear it.

It's unlocked by completing Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage) (P8S) and requires a very specific setup of gear if you want a very slight advantage. Currently consisting of a mix of gear from the previous raid tier and gear found in the 6.5 dungeon The Lunar Subterrane.

Ultimate Tips and Tricks

If you're looking to clear an Ultimate, make sure you'll find a group that is fun to play with. You'll wipe a lot and not everyone is gonna get the mechanics down at the same pace. Everyone needs to go into it knowing that this will take a while.

If you're solo and looking to clear, there are always groups recruiting in the Partyfinder or some of the games bigger Discord serves. Many of the high-profile FFXIV Streamers regularly invite their audiences to get their clears, so stay on the lookout for that.

Last but not least, these fights are incredibly fun to figure out and solve on your own. Don't consult a guide unless you have to. If you're going in just looking for a clear, you're robbing yourself of one of the best experiences FFXIV has to offer.

And that's all we got on Ultimates in Final Fantasy XIV. We'll of course have more guides, tips, and tricks for you very soon here on ESTNN as we approach the release of Dawntrail.

FFXIV Ultimate Content Explained
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