FFXIV The Lunar Subterrane Guide

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FFXIV The Lunar Subterrane Guide

Learn everything there is to know about bosses of the FFXIV The Lunar Subterrane dungeons.

The new Patch 6.5 is out and it wraps up the story surrounding the void spectacularly. But before you can face off against Golbez one last time, you need to brave The Lunar Subterrane and face its 3 bosses.

Here is how you beat all 3 of them very easily.

FFXIV The Lunar Subterrane Boss Guide

Dark Elf

Dark Elf

Hexing Staves: The Dark Elf will place two staves in the arena which will cleave everything in a cross pattern. Careful though, these will go only after a while when the Dark Elf starts casting Runious Confluence. Avoid these by checking squares the staves land on, memorize the safe spot, and go there once Runious Confluence starts casting.

Shadowy Sigil: Here each square of the arena gets marked by either a square or triangle symbol. The Elf will surround themselves with either of them and once the cast goes through, all the squares with the symbol shown will light up and deal damage.

Sorcerous Shroud: Here the Hexing Staves will be hidden as soon as the cast goes through. Don't worry, they'll still only go off once Runious Confluence casts but you'll need to remember safe spots now.

Void Dark II: This attack will place proximity markers on every party member. Simply spread out to avoid hitting anyone else. Be weary that Runious Confluence will start casting the moment those AoE's go off.

Staff Smite: A Tankbuster that will deal massive damage to whoever is number 1 on the enmity list. Make sure to keep your distance from whoever gets targeted.

Abyssal Outburst: This is a room AoE that will deal damage to the entire party. Group up afterward and let the healer top you off.

For the second half of the fight, the Elf will combine these mechanics. Mainly Hexing Staves, Shadowy Sigil, Sorcerous Shroud, and Void Dark II. None of these mechanics will go off at the same time so you have a short window to reposition.

Damcyan Antlion

Sandblast: A room AoE that will deal damage to the entire party. Again just group up right after and let the healer top you off.

Landslip: In this mechanic, players will be moved either North or South depending on the direction of the arrows they're standing on. You'll be moved 3/4ths the size of the arena. Both the North and South also have a pit now that will give you a damaging debuff.

Antlion March: The Damcyan Antlion will rush around the arena as indicated by the red lines on the floor. Memorize the pattern and try to avoid it. During this attack, the Antlion will also hit 2 of the Stone Pillars on the West and East side of the arena which will collapse shortly after another Landslip.

Earthen Geyser: This is a stack marker that will deal massive AoE damage. This damage can be split between party members by simply grouping up. A large circle will then form around the party, giving them 10 seconds to leave.

Pound Sand: After Earthen Geyser, the Antlion will cast Pound sand which is a large AoE that will hit the top of the quicksand of Earthen Geyser. Make sure to leave the quicksand as soon as possible and clear out the area of the AoE.

These mechanics will then repeat until the boss dies. Make sure to always keep an eye on the pillars which are marked with an exclamation point and start crumbling afterward.



Old Magic: Durante will always start the fight by casting Old Magic which deals damage to every party member who has entered the fight.

Duplicitous Battery: Small AoEs will spiral from the center of the arena outwards. Right after a second spiral will be indicated that will fill out the previous safe spots. After the first spiral goes off find a safe spot to avoid being hit by the second one.

On the second cast of this spell, Durante will place an AoE marker on each player so make sure to spread out accordingly to avoid hitting each other.

Forsaken Fount: Aetheric Charges will spawn in the arena and explode into massive AoEs the moment their Explosion cast bars fill up.

Contrapasso: Here Durante will cut the Forsaken Fount Aetherical Charges in half which will move in the direction indicated by the arrow markers. These half charges will still explode into big AoE damaged and move approximately half the length of the area.

Antipodal Assault: This stack marker AoE will deal damage in a straight line. Group up to share the damage between players.

Hard Slash: Durante will indicate a big cone AoE from the side of the arena. Make sure to get out of it fast since it covers most of the arena. He will always attack from the direction Antipodal Assault was pointed at.

Twilight Phase: He will summon spikes in the middle of the arena which will point in opposite directions. These will cleave both directions in a straight line, covering half the arena.

Dark Impact: A line will indicate where this AoE will hit. Run to the opposite end of the arena to avoid taking damage.

Death's Journey: An AoE will be indicated in the middle of the arena and 8 lines will go from the center to the edge of the battlefield. Avoid standing in the AoE in the middle and try to stand in the space between the lines to avoid taking any damage.

Once Death's Journey has been cast, Durante will keep repeating all his mechanics until he or the party dies.

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FFXIV The Lunar Subterrane Guide
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