FFXIV Raids Explained – All You Need To Know

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FFXIV Raids Explained – All You Need To Know

Learn everything about FFXIV Raids. From how many there are, how you can prepare, and what you need to know before getting started.

Raids are often thought of as the be-all and end-all of MMORPGs. And while Final Fantasy XIV offers a myriad of endgame activities, its Raiding content is often at the forefront of discussion. These are some of the best content in the game, with immaculate presentation and tough mechanics to master.

But if you're new to the critically acclaimed MMORPG, all of this can be a little overwhelming. So we're compiling everything you need to know about Raiding in a neat little package so you're ready to go.

FFXIV Raids Explained

If you're coming from other MMORPGs, Raiding can be vastly different from what you're used to. Unlike World of Warcraft, FFXIV Raids are usually sets of boss fights that are dished out throughout an expansion. They are usually accompanied by a questline and come in two difficulties.

All of these boss fights exist in a vacuum which allows players to take breaks in between fights. That doesn't mean they're easy though. Each fight usually takes 10-15 minutes and is an elaborate dance of mechanics where just a few missteps can wipe out a party of 8.

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FFXIV Raid Difficulties

There are two difficulties in Final Fantasy XIV Raiding. Normal and Savage. Normal Difficulty is meant to be more casual content for players who just want to enjoy the story of a Raid and or catch up on Gear with other Jobs.

Savage is much harder and usually requires a coordinated group with buffs and vast amounts of coordination to clear. Savage Raids are based on the normal version of the same encounter but all mechanics will be cranked up to 11. These Raids usually reward the best gear of a patch cycle.

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Raids and How to Unlock Them

Here is a quick rundown of all the Raids and how to unlock them. To avoid spoilers, we'll name the introductory quests here. Each of these Raids comes in sets of 12 with a Savage Difficulty that can be unlocked after completing a respective tier.

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Binding Coils of Bahamut

Commonly referred to as T1-13. This is the Raid of A Realm Reborn which is the only Raid that only features a single Savage Tier. The Raid is unlocked by accepting the “Primal Awakening” Quest from Urianger in the Walking Sands.

Unlike the other Raid tiers, this one is not part of the Daily Raid Roulette. If you want to experience the story, you'll have to either complete these without level sync or get a group going via Party Finder.


The Heavensward Raid Series is all about its namesake Alexander and is commonly referred to as A1-A12 (or A1S-A12S if we're talking Savage). It is unlocked by accepting the quest “Disarmed” from Slowfix in Idyllshire after completing the quest “Heavensward”.

We recommend completing at least the normal difficulty questline as the story will become relevant in later expansions.


The Raids of Stromblood are all about Final Fantasy staple boss Omega. Referred to as O1-O12 (O1S-O12S for Savage) by many. These Raids are unlocked by accepting the quest “The Hunt for Omega” from Wedge in Rhalgar's Reach after completing the Stromblood Main Scenario Quest.

Just like Alexander, it is highly recommended to complete this questline because its story beats will become relevant in later expansions.


The Eden Raids and Questline are commonly referred to as E1-E12 (E1S-E12S for Savage) and are the Raids featured in Shadowbringers. They are unlocked by following the Quests after “In the Middle of Nowhere” which is available in The Crystarium by talking to the Anxious Crystarium Guard after completing the Shadowbringers' Main Scenario.

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It's another questline we recommend completing as some of its contents become relevant towards the end of Shadowbringers and Endwalker.


The Raid Series of Endwalker is commonly referred to as P1-P12 (P1S-P12S for Savage). This Raid can be tackled after accepting the quest “The Crystal from Beyond” which is available from Nemjiji in Old Sharlayan after completing the Endwalker Main Scenario.

Again recommended to finish if you want a sort of epilogue to Shadowbringers and Endwalker.

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FFXIV Raiding Etiquette

But how do you even get into raids? Normal Difficulty is quite easy, just queue up for them via Duty Finder and you should able to get a group together in no time thanks to the Daily Raid Roulette. It's a bit harder for Savage though.

Older fights can be done without the level synch if you're just after the mounts, minions, or gear for glamour. It's a bit different for current fights. On Japanese Data Centers, players simply use the Raid Finder for the current Savage Tier while the rest of the world uses the Party Finder instead for Pre-made groups.

Joining a PUG or Pick-Up Group usually comes with the expectation that you know what you're doing. So read or watch a guide beforehand. On European Servers it is much more common to post chat macro's explaining the fight.

For Raid tiers, players also like to form Statics which are set groups that usually progress through the newest Raid tier on Savage difficulty and disband after everyone gets the gear they want. These groups regularly recruit on Discord Servers and Party Finder, so keep an eye out for them.

And that sums up the very basics of Raiding in Final Fantasy XIV. For more on Square Enix's MMORPG like guides, news, and fun stuff check out our dedicated section here.

FFXIV Raids Explained – All You Need To Know
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