FFXIV Quickstart Guide – How to Get Started in Eorzea

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FFXIV Quickstart Guide – How to Get Started in Eorzea

Here is our FFXIV Quickstart Guide. No matter if you just started playing Final Fantasy XIV or are returning from hiatus, we'll catch you up in no time.

With Dawntrail on the horizon, Final Fantasy XIV is in the best state it has ever been in. The Shadowbringers and Endwalker Expansions made the MMORPG more accessible than ever and now is the best time to get into Square Enix's online adventure.

The Xbox version has recently entered its open beta and the popular Free Trial has just been expanded. You can now play the first two Expansions of Final Fantasy XIV for free, which comes at the tail end of a gargantuan effort to bring all the older content up to speed.

So if you're starting your adventure, we have some tips, tricks, and pointers that'll help you in the early goings of your journey.

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FFXIV Quickstart Guide

Let's start with the arguably most important thing you'll ever hear about FFXIV. Don't rush. There is a concerning amount of players who'll think thanks to extended exposure to other MMORPGs that only the endgame matters.

It doesn't.

Final Fantasy XIV's content is as deep as it is broad. Every single expansion offers numerous activities while leveling and when reaching its level cap. Most of the content is kept relevant by rewards that come in either endgame currency or rare items so even longtime players have a reason to participate.

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Thanks to several recent updates, you can play through most of FFXIV's campaign with AI companions if you have to wait a little longer to fill a group of dungeons.

Pick Up Jobs As You Go

FFXIV Features a lot of Jobs across Healers, Tanks, and DPS. All of them are viable across all content so don't feel pressured into picking one that doesn't click with you. Thanks to EXP boni and relatively easy gearing, it's not too hard to switch jobs while playing through the main story.

If a job looks interesting, you should pick it up. Later, more advanced Jobs start at Levels 50, 60, or 70 which makes it very easy to switch things up while fishing the campaign. Also, keep in mind that you can play all Jobs and Professions on one character, stats are only tied to your character gear, not their level.

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Join the Novice Network and Ask Mentors for Help

When making a new character, you'll be asked if you want to join the Novice Network which is a special chat that connects new players to veterans. New players are indicated by the little sprout next to their name while the so-called Mentors can be spotted by the golden crown next to their name.

Here you can ask for help in dungeons/trials or find someone who'll explain to you what's what. FFXIV does a decent job at pointing you in the right direction when it comes to the critical path but a lot of its side ventures are often locked behind sidequests that are not easy to pick out of the bunch.

Blue Quests Are Always Worth Doing

There are several types of quests in FFXIV but the most important ones have to be the blue quest marked by a + next to them. These usually unlock new quests, dungeons, trials, jobs, professions, and new modes of gameplay. While you don't have to do them it is recommended to complete at least the ones that unlock the ability to ride mounts, the Gold Saucer, and those that reward Aether Currents in post-ARR zones.

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Play It Your Way

If you're coming from other MMORPGs it might surprise you that FFXIV can be played with either Keyboard or Pad. You can manage up to 40 abilities on your hotbar quite easily on your controller via the Cross-Hotbar system which lets you map different layouts on your shoulder buttons and shoulderbutton combinations. And there is no real drawback to using either, so play with whatever you're most comfortable with.

Prioritize the Main Scenario Quest

If you want to get anywhere in Final Fantasy XIV, complete the Main Scenario Quest (MSQ). If you're on the Free Trial, you'll be able to play through A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood which includes all content from 2.0 up until patch 4.57 which will last you well into level 70.

It is worth checking out the Endgame content of each expansion before moving on to the next. Especially the Trials, Raids, and Alliance Raids will often play into later parts of the story, and having the extra context helps.

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FFXIV Quickstart Guide – How to Get Started in Eorzea
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