FFXIV PvE Job Tier List 6.4

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FFXIV PvE Job Tier List 6.4

It's time for yet another tier list for FFXIV. Don't worry this one is 100% accurate, there are no bad jokes to be found here.

The new FFXIV patch, 6.4 the Dark Throne has been out for a hot minute now. And not that the race to world first for the last Savage Raid Tier of the Endwalker expansion has also wrapped, we can enjoy our favorite past-time while waiting for the next expansion: Complain about Job balance.

Let's ignore the fact that within Job groups the current average difference in DPS is about 1-3% at best. Unless we're looking at healers. But who in their right mind would do that? Usually, you'd probably have to wait till everyone is geared to the teeth to get an accurate picture of where everyone lands.

Anyways here is a 100% serious Tier List of all Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV based on our experience with the latest patch.


Fisher (FSH)

The only job/class worth playing in Square Enix's critically acclaimed MMORPG.

Blue Mage (BLU)

Soon my friends, soon.

ffxiv tier list final fantasy xiv 6.4


Warrior (WAR)

As a Paladin since Day 1, Warrior is only here out of spite. There has never been a Job so cuddled and loved by the developers, besides Black Mage. And then they decided to buff them even more for 6.4. Was solo clearing level 90 normal raids not enough?

Gunbreaker (GNB)

The DPS in blue. Gunbreakers is the kind of FFXIV job you play when you want a cool and busy rotation while still getting invited into PUGs. After the recent patch, its damage is amazing, let's just pray Square Enix finally fixes having to drift your rotation by one or two GCDs.

Scholar (SCH)

We all know why Scholar are so popular. It's not the shield healing that requires a minimum amount of foresight or the fairy that always takes the blame due to a ‘bad server tick'. Chain Stratagem is just that good. That makes dealing with Energy Drain worth it. Unless your healing partner is a White Mage.

Astrologian (AST)

Ever since the job got an overhaul with 5.0, Astrologian has been coasting by as one of the most useful jobs in any party composition. Sure it has way too many buttons and it feels like you're playing two jobs at once but at least the buffs are nice. Right?

Monk (MNK)

While playing Monk is not exactly what we'd call a good time, the damage and utility the Job brings to any party can not be overlooked. Must be fun to be the best DPS in the game by just punching things really hard.

A screen cap from one of Final Fantasy XIV's expacs, Stormblood

Samurai (SAM)

The Samurai is a Job that just feels dirty to play. How come they do this much damage for collecting their stickers and occasionally spending their Job Gauge? But it certainly beats having to play Monk.

Black Mage (BLM)

Black Mage is fun, when you're the Black Mage and the entire raid has to operate around you. And it must be nice that god (Yoshida) is looking out for you.

Bard (BRD)

Everyone loves to have a Bard at their party, but we're pretty sure most Bards hate being Bards. Having to wrangle and delay DoTs and Buffs every few buttons in your exhausting, nonexistent rotation is pain. At least you have the Perform skill for lonely nights in Limsa.

Reaper (RPR)

Before 6.4 you could've called Reaper better Dragoon and no one would've batted an eye. Now you can call Reaper slightly better than Dragoon with more mobility options and a more flexible rotation. Good for them.

Dragoon (DRG)

Slightly worse than Reaper but thanks to the general overhaul to the job the only thing you have to worry about is jumping into death walls or off ledges. Oh and Dragon Sight is pretty cool.

Ninja (NIN)

All Ninja mains are cracked. We have no idea how you guys remember doing your Naruto rotation on a whim but we have the highest respect for it. You rock. No notes.

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Paladin (PLD)

While having all the utility in the world, Paladin always ends up as one of the weaker jobs. Even with several gameplay overhauls the job still plays a little clunky. Why aren't you playing Warrior? You don't need to suffer this much. Maybe 7.0 will be better.

Dark Knight (DRK)

Endwalker was great for Dark Knights. We want you to remember the good times when we topped DPS charts while constantly being belittled by everyone else. Cling to those memories, those good times are over.

White Mage (WHM)

You guys know what you did to end up here. But at what cost? Was it really worth it?

Sage (SGE)

Sage looks cool and has interesting gameplay, considering they still have to fit into the healer archetype. But playing Sage always feels underwhelming (could go for all healers in FFXIV besides Astrologian). You just have to do twice the work to achieve the same as other healers. Maybe 7.0 will fix that.

Machinist (MCH)

Machinist suffers the same fate as Sage, looks cool, and plays amazingly but ends up feeling lackluster. The recent DPS buffs have done some to remedy this, but let's not act like its reputation hasn't been in the dumpster since Stormblood. Maybe they can let us pilot the Mecha Queen next time.

ffxiv 31012023 022406 338

Dancer (DNC)

Your fellow DPS love Dancer, why wouldn't they? A tiny damage buff throughout the entire encounter, a big one for everyone during the burst window, and a simple damage rotation that requires 0 bullshit? What's not to love? You could be playing Bard though and be even more useful. But go off you crownless monarchs.

Summoner (SMN)

The Summoner is one of the best-designed jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. Its rotation is intuitive, easy to grasp, and incredibly satisfying to master. So why is it down here in B-Tier? Because the developers hate fun and think having a combat res and buffs should be punished. Oh, and Aetherflow is still a thing for some reason.

Red Mage (RDM)

The Red Mage did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve to be down here. It has consistently been one of the better-designed jobs of FFXIV, its rotation is flexible and it is a must-have addition to your party during progression. But with great power come great nerfs. And being able to raise the entire party within 20ish seconds is apparently too powerful.

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FFXIV PvE Job Tier List 6.4
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