FFXIV Housing Explained – Learn All About Homeownership

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FFXIV Housing Explained – Learn All About Homeownership

Here is everything you need to know about FFXIV Housing. Learn how to acquire one, what benefits to owning it, and what costs are coming towards you.

If you're into Final Fantasy XIV, your eyes might eventually wander towards a digital home. Housing is a huge deal in the Critically Acclaimed MMORPG. Not only is it a place where you can hang out and display the fruits of your hard work, but it has also become a staple in the evergrowing clubbing scene.

But there is a lot to know about Housing in FFXIV. So we have compiled this little guide to FFXIV's Housing System and how you might become the leaver of your local homeowners association.

FFXIV Housing Explained

Let's get one thing out of the way, housing in FFXIV is completely optional and only useful for Free Companies and people who love to invest their time in gardening. First, It is just a place where you can decorate and hang out with your friends.

People are playing XIV who are only engaging in housing content, creating elaborate puzzle boxes, recreating their homes, or building entire miniature cities. There's even a player who dedicated their entire online life to displaying every single fish in an elaborate network of Aquariums, sorted by zones.

There are currently 4 types of housing in Final Fantasy XIV. Apparments/Private Rooms, Small-, Medium- and Large Plots. To get a plot, you'll have to enter the Housing Lottery while Apartments and Private Rooms can be bought at their respective buildings or Free Company houses.

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Personal Housing vs Free Company Housing

There's a difference between Personal and Free Company housing. A personal plot lets a player build a personal house that they can share with up to 3 other players. You'll only be able to have one house per service account though.

Free Company housing can be made accessible to every member of a Free Company. They can also be used to employ the Workshop which allows members to craft houses and airship/submarine parts as well as employ airships and submarines on exploratory missions for the necessary materials.

Free Company can also use these houses to make Private Rooms available to all their members, which are cheaper than apartments. These houses are also the only way to employ the tier 3 Free Company buffs which need to be placed in an aetheric spindle.

Residential Districts

There are currently 5 Residential Districts in FFXIV. The Lavender Beds, The Mist, The Goblet, Shirogane and The Empyreum. These can be unlocked and entered via Aetheryte in their respective city after completing the required quests.

Alternatively, players can also teleport to Residential Districts if they either have a house or apartment in that district or teleport to someone on their friend list.

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How to Unlock Housing in FFXIV

There are very few requirements to unlock Housing in FFXIV. You'll need to be at least level 50 on one job and reach Second Lieutenant standing with their Grand Company. Free Companies need to be at least Free Company Rank 6, have four members in the Free Company and the person making the bid has to be part of the Free Company for longer than 30 days.

FFXIV Housing Prices

Fifth-class Plot Fourth-class Plot Third-class Plot Second-class Plot First-class Plot
Small  3,000,000  3,187,500  3,375,000  3,562,500  3,750,000
Medium  16,000,000  17,000,000  18,000,000  19,000,000  20,000,000
Large  40,000,000  42,500,000  45,000,000  47,500,000  50,000,000

Here are all the Housing Prices. You'll notice that these change depending on the Class of Plot which is usually determined by the location of the plot inside a Ward.

FFXIV Housing Lottery Explained

To buy a plot, you need to enter the housing lottery. Players pay a deposit upfront to enter the lottery. After a 5-day period, one player who has entered the lottery will be drawn randomly and has the opportunity to finalize their purchase in the next 4 days. Players who lose the lottery will get a full refund.

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Image: Square Enix

FFXIV Apartments

These are an alternative way to get into housing. Apartments may only feature 100 slots for furniture but are still way cheaper than other housing options. And unlike a plot, you can have one apartment per character.

Getting an apartment has the same requirements as buying a house, you only need to enter an apartment building with available rooms and pay 500,000 gil upfront. Alternatively, you can get a private room inside your Free Company house which is functionally the same but only costs 300,000 gil.

On Availability

If you're playing on any of the newer servers, we regret to inform you that buying a house is pretty hard at the moment. If you're planning to get into housing, we recommend transferring to the newer Data Centre or wait until a new server opens up. Thanks to DC travel it is pretty easy to reconnect with friends old as long as you share the same region.

If you're on Aether, Crystal, or Primal though, it its borderline impossible to get a house in any of the districts. You can of course always bet on the few plots that are opening up but it is a losing battle.

Square Enix has promised to add more wards and servers in the future but all of this will probably happen after the launch of the Dawntrail expansion. We might even get a new Districl altogether but that is still up in the air.

And that sums up everything you need to know about housing in FFXIV. For more on the critically acclaimed MMORPG, check out our other content here.

FFXIV Housing Explained – Learn All About Homeownership
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