FFXIV Grand Company Explained

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FFXIV Grand Company Explained

Learn everything there is the know about the FFXIV Grand Company. What they do, why they are still important, and what you can do to rise through the ranks.

When just starting in Final Fantasy XIV, one of the early, big choices you make is picking your Grand Company. While the game makes a huge deal over who you swear your allegiance to, it ends up as mostly flavor text to other aspects of the game. That doesn't mean they aren't important though.

Your Grand Company is a great source of EXP for Crafters and Gatherers, it's needed to buy a house and the rewards you get from participating in these activities are not scoffed at either.

Here is our quick guide on Grand Companies where we explain everything you need to know about Eorzea's finest.

FFXIV Grand Company Explained

You'll be asked to join a Grand Company as part of the Main Quest Scenario in A Realm Reborn. Once you accept the quest “A Hero in the Making” you have to pick between the three. Functionally they are all the same, so you'll have to pick based on the city-state you like the most.

There are currently three Grand Companies in the game. The Immortal Flames, the Twin Adders, and the Maelstrom. Their quests are largely the same and you can transfer between Grand Companies after hitting certain milestones.

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As you complete various tasks relating to your Grand Company, you'll raise your Grand Company Rank which will unlock more features. You also have to complete your Grand Company's hunting log and complete a series of quests to rise through the ranks.

If you don't tick the Freelancer box when queuing up for the Frontlines PvP mode, you'll represent your Grand Company on the battlefield. Keep in mind that your choice doesn't matter even if it seems like Maelstrom is always winning in PvP.

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Supply and Provisioning Missions

These are for crafters and gatherers and are a valuable source of EXP when leveling. Once a day, players can hand in certain items both crafted or gathered based on a gatherer/crafter's current level. High-quality crafts will also net you double EXP and can hand these once a day for every crafter/gatherer. They are an extremely handy way to level up, so don't sleep on them.

Expert Delivery Missions

Once you've reached the rank of Sergeant Second Class or higher, you'll be able to undertake these special deliveries in the name of your Grand Company. This is a great way to get rid of Aetherial, Green, and Blue gear which you obtain in Dungeons and Raids.

These are then turned into Grand Company Seals which can be used to purchase rewards and other useful Items from your Grand Company. Make sure to check the hide gearset option though, unless you want to hand over your hard-earned gear.

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Squadrons are a special mode that is unlocked once you've reached the higher ranks of a Grand Company. It gives you the reigns over a group of adventurers you can train, send on missions, or clear out dungeons with.

Recruits will come regularly based on your other activities and you'll have to decide if their class and skills are up to the task. You can then train them by using the board to adjust a party's skills. Once these skills are maxed out, they'll switch around based on the training regime you have picked.

Missions will often have very strict requirements for these stats, so make sure to prepare them ahead of time.

You can also engage in Command missions which see you lead your merry band of adventurers into a few of the dungeons of Final Fantasy XIV.

Engaging in these various activities will reward you with goodies, most importantly the scripts that have the same effect as Tier 3 Free Company buffs. These exist for combat classes as well as crafting/gathering professions and are worth the time to sink.

And that is all we have on Grand Companies for the time being. For more on Final Fantasy XIV, please check out our other guides and content around the critically acclaimed MMORPG here.

FFXIV Grand Company Explained
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