FFXIV Best Jobs for Beginners – You’ll Thrive in No Time

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FFXIV Best Jobs for Beginners – You’ll Thrive in No Time

Here are the FFXIV Best Jobs for Beginners! We'll give you an idea of what Jobs to pick as you're starting your Final Fantasy XIV adventures.

If you're new to Final Fantasy XIV, picking your first Job or Class can be pretty overwhelming. While it lets you play all Jobs on a single character, there is still a commitment of which you're supposed to play first. And getting thrown into group dynamics where you have to perform on top of that is a lot for first-time adventurers.

This is why we've compiled this handy little guide to get you started.

FFXIV Best Jobs for Beginners

First things first, let's banish any concerns new players might have. Every single job is viable when playing Final Fantasy XIV. All of them in almost every combination can clear all content as long as players do the mechanics correctly and deal enough damage.

But some jobs are easier than others. Resource management and rather linear rotations for some jobs make it difficult to pick things up again if you mess up. But here are the best jobs for beginners sorted by role.

FFXIV Best Tank for Beginners

If you want to play a Tank from the get-go, both the Warrior and Paladin are excellent choices to start with. The Warrior has an extremely simple game plan while also being one of the more versatile jobs in the entire game and it is strong in every level range.

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Paladin is a similar story, even if its rotation gets a little more complicated in later expansions. It is the dedicated ‘off-tank' in Raid content due to its fantastic utility and support skills. Just like Warrior, it is extremely strong throughout every expansion and offers a more involved rotation compared to its counterpart.

FFXIV Best Healer for Beginners

Out of the 4 healers currently available in the game, White Mage is the one to go if you just want to get a feel for healing. Starting as a Conjurer, its gameplan is very simple and if you just want a job that focuses on healing and damage dealing (because you have to do that in FFXIV) there is no better choice than it.

If you want to try the other flavor of healing, the Sage which can be unlocked at level 70 is also fantastic if you want to get into shield healing. Thanks to its unique skillset, you can heal while dealing damage which makes it very easy to keep taps on things.

FFXIV Best DPS for Beginners

Now you're spoiled for choice. DPS come in many different flavors in Final Fantasy XIV and even in the different categories, they can play vastly different from each other. None of them are extremely hard to play, even at the highest level but we definitely recommend keeping your hands off Black Mage, Ninja, and Monk if you're just starting out.

The Dragoon is relatively easy to pick up even if its later rotation becomes fairly linear with little room for error. This is why you should pick up Samurai once you hit level 50, which is a very straightforward job that allows players to adjust for mistakes.

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As for Ranged DPS. Bard, Dancer, and Machinist are all excellent picks for anyone who is just starting. Bard requires a little patience and skill at higher levels of play while Dancer and Machnist keep their pick up and play nature.

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When it comes to Magical DPS, you are spoiled for choice. Start early with the Arcanist and steer over Summoner, which is one of the easier and more dynamic jobs of Final Fantasy XIV. Alternatively, you can pick up the Red Mage at level 50 which is extremely versatile, offers great mobility, and has one of the most fun rotations in the entire game.

Both of them come with heals and a revive, which makes them great additions to any party no matter what content you're playing.

A Little Note on Getting Good

If you want to improve your gameplay, it is as easy as looking up a rotation online and that's that. You should pick up at least one job of each type as knowing what other players have to deal with will make you a better player. And just read your skills and hammer out some rotations against one of the many Training Dummies.

Most content in FFXIV is very forgiving towards players new and old. So you'll have ample room to grow while playing through the MSQ. And there's no shame in looking up a boss's mechanics either.

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FFXIV Best Jobs for Beginners – You’ll Thrive in No Time
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