FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance Guide

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FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance Guide

In FF7 Rebirth, you have the chance to get into a romantic relationship with a friend from your team. To do this, you need to finish different tasks to become closer to them. One of your choices is to go on a romantic date with Yuffie. This guide will give you all the steps to plan a romantic outing with Yuffie in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance Guide

In our romance guide for FF7 Rebirth, we highlighted four important factors for befriending the characters: main quests, side quests, your conversations in-game, and your teamwork using Synergy skills. Now, we'll provide you with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on what actions to take.

Main Missions

It's important to complete specific tasks during the main missions of FF7 Rebirth. These tasks can strengthen your bond with a particular character. For instance, lending a hand when they're in need or showing support during crucial moments in the game can significantly enhance your friendship (and then relationship) with them.

Chapter 7

Towards the end of Chapter 7, you will face a decision that affects your bond with either Barret or Yuffie in the Coal Mines. To strengthen your relationship with Barret, keep the lever on the left side. To boost your bond with Yuffie, pull the lever on the right side. Also, achieving a high score in the minecart minigame will increase your rapport with both Barrett and Yuffie.

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Chapter 12

Once you chat with Dio, you can speak with Yuffie and try out the 3D Brawler game at Wonderment Square. Beating her in the game boosts her feelings towards you. If you've been good friends with Yuffie before Chapter 12, she will stay with you throughout the chapter and join you on the Skywheel Date. If your friendship with her isn't strong, you will see the usual scene. But if you're really close, you will experience a special scene instead.

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance

Side Missions

In FF7 Rebirth, completing side missions is really crucial for understanding the characters more deeply. You need to choose the ones Yuffie enjoys and complete them correctly to strengthen your bond with her. As a result, you will witness a more personal scene at the game's conclusion.


  • Tides of War and Worry


  • The Saga of the Seaside Inn


  • Teach Me, Great Warrior

Cosmo Canyon

  • Bonds of Trust


  • Esoteric Secrets of the Elders

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance

Dialogue Choices

In FF7 Rebirth, the phrases you pick while playing are also important for connecting with characters. Certain phrases can deepen your friendship with a specific character. Each phrase is rated from 1 to 3 stars, with those earning 3 stars being the most effective for building a strong bond. However, during your initial playthrough, you won't see which answer earns the most stars. Therefore, here's a list of all the phrase options to assist you.

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Chapter 6

  • You’re obviously captivated by my bodacious beach bod.
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Yeah. Obviously.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “C'mon. Can't you take a hint?”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Nope.”
  • You don’t want me around to save your butts?
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “You can come with.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “No, we don't.”

Chapter 9

  • I am so, so bored… Bored right out of my brain.
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Nice song. Funny too.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “I'd love an encore.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Quiet down, will ya?”

Chapter 10

  • Once you die, that’s that.
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Pretty much.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Why do you think that?”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Yeah, I totally agree…”

Chapter 11

  • What about, say, oh… Materia?
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Yup.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Come to think of it… nope.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Dunno.”

FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Finally, remember the teamwork aspect of FF7 Rebirth. When characters join forces and battle together, it's not just about defeating enemies. The game aims to illustrate that collaborating also deepens their friendship. So, it's not solely about individual strength, but also about mutual support during challenges, which strengthens their bond further.

Synergy Skills

  • Shuriken Sync: Cloud, Barret, and Tifa
  • Ninja Bazooka: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII
FF7 Rebirth Yuffie Romance Guide
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