FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance Guide

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FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance Guide

In FF7 Rebirth, you can go on a special outing with one of your friends from your team. To make this happen, you need to do some tasks to become closer to them. Red XIII is one of the people you can have a romantic outing with. This guide will show you all the steps to have a date with Red XIII in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance Guide

In our guide about romance in FF7 Rebirth, we mentioned four key things to become pals with the characters: main missions, side missions, what you talk about during the game, and how good you are at working together with Synergy skills and abilities. Now, we will give you a simple, step-by-step guide on what to do.

Main Missions

One thing to remember is to finish certain tasks during FF7 Rebirth main missions. These tasks can help make your connection with a certain character stronger. For example, helping them out when they're in trouble or listening to their concerns during important moments in the game can really boost your friendship with them.

Chapter 5

Defeated Red XIII in the Queen's Blood Tournament in Chapter 5.

Chapter 6

Before you start the big fight in Costa del Sol, you will need to pick a team. You can either team up with Aerith and Barret or go with Tifa and Red XIII. Of course, if you want to boost your bond with Red XIII, you need to choose the team with him on it.

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Chapter 8

Defeated Dio right at the start of Chapter 8, before going into the Gold Saucer, while learning how to play the 3D Brawler game.

Chapter 12

You need to have another battle with Red at the Golden Saucer. If you've been really close to Red XIII before Chapter 12, he will stick with you for the whole chapter and even go with you on the Skywheel Date. If your bond with her is low, you will see the regular scene. But if you're really close, a special scene will happen.

FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance

Side Missions

In FF7 Rebirth, doing side missions is super important to get to know the characters better. You gotta pick the ones Red XIII likes and do them right to make your friendship stronger with him. Then, you will see a more intimate scene at the end of the game.

Grasslands Region

  • Livestock's Bane
  • Where the Wind Blows

Junon Region

  • The Hardest Sell

Corel Region

  • Of Robed Men and Randsoms

Gongaga Region

  • O Chicken, Where Art Thou

Cosmo Canyon Region

  • From Where Life Flows
  • Promises to Keep

FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance

Dialogue Choices

In FF7 Rebirth, the words you choose during the game also matter for bonding with characters. Some words can make your friendship stronger with a certain character. Each word choice gets rated from 1 to 3 stars. The ones with 3 stars are the best for building a strong bond. But on your first playthrough, you won't see which answer gets the most stars. So, here's a list of all the word choices to help you out.

Chapter 2

  • “One Can never be too careful with Shinra.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “I knew I could count on you.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Thanks.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Good Boy.”
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Chapter 4

  • “I doubt I'll smell Shrina till it's too late.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “We'll manage.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Huh. Not good.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Don't worry, never thought you could.”

Chapter 6

  • “I know I should strive to maintain my composure around him, but…”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Don't sweat it.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “We had no choice.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Yeah, you should.”

Chapter 9

  • Select the patch you believe to be Gongaga Mushrooms.
    • Best Choice (3 stars): The Right Patch
    • Good Choice (2 stars): Middle Patch
    • Worst Choice (1 star): Left patch

Chapter 10

  • “Just forget I said anything.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “I'll lend an ear.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Don't gimme that bullshit.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Wasn't listening.”

Chapter 11

  • “No one wants to hear people badmouth their hometown.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “This isn't my hometown.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “I never liked that place either.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Yeah, does kinda make you feel like shit.”

FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Lastly, don't forget about the teamwork skills in FF7 Rebirth. When characters team up and fight together, it's not just about winning battles. The game wants to show that working together also brings them closer as friends. So, it's not only about being strong individually but also about supporting each other in tough times, making their bond even stronger.

Synergy Skills

  • Phantom Fang: Cloud, Barret, and Cat Sith
  • Wild Charge: Everybody
  • Iron Defense: Tife, Aerith, and Yuffie

Synergy Abilities

  • Savage Assault: Cloud
  • United Refocus: Cloud
FF7 Rebirth Red XIII Romance Guide
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