FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide

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FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide

In FF7 Rebirth, you can possibly date one of the characters in your group. But to do that, you need to do specific tasks to reach chapters 8 and 12 and go on a date with them. Aerith is one of the characters you can romance. This guide will explain all you need to know and the steps to take to go on a date with Aerith in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide

In our guide about romance in FF7 Rebirth, we told you there are four important things to focus on to build a stronger connection with the characters: main missions, side missions, what you say in conversations, and your teamwork skills. Now, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on what to do.

Main Missions

One of the important things to watch out for are certain tasks you will need to finish while playing FF7 Rebirth. Sometimes, these tasks can make your relationship with a specific character stronger.

Chapter 4

During the Inauguration Parade in FF7 Rebirth, aim to outscore the other team in all three formations. Achieving this will also increase Tifa's relationship.

Chapter 6

When choosing Cloud's outfit, it should match what Tifa or Aerith wears, or what they both wear. For instance, if Cloud wears a swimsuit, Tifa and Aerith should also wear swimsuits. If Cloud wears casual clothes, Tifa and/or Aerith should wear the same.

Right before the big fight in Costa del Sol, you'll have to pick a group. One group includes Tifa and Red XIII, and the other includes Aerith and Barret. Each group has its own strengths, so think carefully about who you want to team up with before the battle. But if you want to romance Aerith, pick the group with her in it.

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Chapter 12

In the Loveless play, you need to do really well to improve your relationship status. If you're spending time with Aerith in Chapter 8 and you're closer to her than Tifa, Aerith will act as Rosa in the Loveless play.

If you're really close to Aerith before Chapter 12, she will stick with you throughout the chapter and even go on the Skywheel Date with you. But if your bond with her isn't very strong, or it's less than halfway (shown by a light blue emoji), then you will see the regular cutscene. However, if your bond is stronger than halfway or shown by a light blue emoji, you will see a more affectionate scene instead.

FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance

Side Missions

Doing side missions is also crucial to strengthening your relationship with the characters in FF7 Rebirth. So, you need to be careful about which ones you take on and how you finish them to boost your bond with Aerith and see the more affectionate scene at the end of FF7 Rebirth.

Grasslands Region

  • Flowers from the Hill

Junon Region

  • Stuck in a Rut
  • Beneath Still Waters

Corel Region

  • Rendezvous in Costa del Sol

Gongaga Region

  • The Spice of Life
  • Woodland Vigil

FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance

Dialogue Choices

Another important thing to think about to build a strong connection with a character is the words you choose while playing FF7 Rebirth. Some of these words can really help strengthen your bond with a specific character.

Each word choice is rated with stars, ranging from 1 to 3. Naturally, those with 3 stars are the best for building a stronger bond with the character. But on your first try, you won't see which answer gets the most stars. So, here's a list of all the word choices to help you out.

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Chapter 2

  • “Wanna climb the clock tower together?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Sure. Let's.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “…If I have to.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “I'm busy.”

Chapter 4

  • “Do you remember the first time we met?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “You shoved a flower at my face.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “The church, right?”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): ‘”Nope.”

Chapter 6

  • “I start thinking things so dark and ugly it scares me.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “They're just thoughts.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Everybody's got someone to hate.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Then don't think.”

Chapter 9

  • “Pretty selfish, huh? Waltzing in there, stirring up memories…”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “They didn't seem to mind.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “You're too hard on yourself.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Yeah, you mighta crossed the line.”

Chapter 10

  • What will you do?
    • Best Choice (3 stars): Encourage her.
    • Good Choice (2 stars): Smile at her
    • Worst Choice (1 star): Stop her.

Chapter 11

  • “You never came up here hopin' she'd wave?
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Sounds like something I'd do.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “What? No way.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “That's not funny.”

FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Lastly, don't forget about the Synergy skills and abilities characters have in FF7 Rebirth. The game has a special feature that makes sure the actions taken by a character help strengthen the bond between them.

Synergy Skills

  • Combat Savior: Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII
  • Bodyguard: Everybody
  • Spellbound Blast: Tifa, Yuffie, and Cait Sith

Synergy Abilities

  • Firework Blade: Cloud
  • United Refocus: Cloud
FF7 Rebirth Aerith Romance Guide
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