FF XIV Live Letter 72 Summary, Patch 6.2 Info And More

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FF XIV Live Letter 72 Summary, Patch 6.2 Info And More

FF XIV Live Letter 72 is here as we take a look at Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Patch 6.2 is right at our doorsteps. Here you have a complete summary of the entire live stream, short and sweet.

Patch 6.2 Buried Memory Releases August 23

Yep! Patch 6.2 will land on Tuesday, August 23 and will be the first ever patch of the current Endwalker expansion. That means a new raid tier, the introduction of a landslide of new systems, new gear, new tombstones and much, much more.

Trailer itself shows off mostly content from the next chapter in the main quest scenario (MSQ), as we finally venture into the 13th shard. Or more prominently known as the void. Here we'll at least brave the new dungeon ‘The Fell Court of Troia' and apparently the new trial. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed to us that at least the trial for this patch will be tied to the MSQ, breaking a longstanding tradition that we established back in Heavensward.

But that's not all, we also have the next chapter of the Pandaemonium to look forward to, Abyssos. Which will continue our exploration of the dreadful pocket dimension with our new old friend Themis. We're also teased with the possible encounter of our old foe and nemesis Lahabrea who we last met in Heavenward. This time around we get to meet the yet-to-turn unsundered Lahabrea in his prime before the final days. Something fans have been waiting for since the end of Shadowbringers.

But here is a quick rundown of everything mentioned in the Live Letter today.

2022 08 12 14 19 33 FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXII YouTube Opera

PvP, PvE and Crystalline Conflict Changes

This patch there will be no significant overhauls to any of the existing jobs. But as always there will be some adjustments to the numbers, with details still to come with the patch notes. Furthermore, the team has decided to add notes to each of the adjustments and changes to jobs in order to clarify their thought process. Naoki Yoshida acknowledged that no one will ever be 100% happy with how they balance jobs and change things around, but at least now players will have an explanation were they are coming from.

Previously, there was also an issue with how buffs and debuffs have been calculated for actions that guarantee a critical/direct hit. In fact those buffs and debuffs did not affect such skills at all. With the 6.2 patch, the calculation will be adjusted and fixed so that every action is working as intended. There has also been an issue in which a character's direct hit stats would not be considered in the calculation for an activity that guarantees a direct hit. Those actions will from now on also scale with a character's stats.

There will also be some adjustments to the balance of all jobs in PvP, as well as some more updates that have yet to be announced. The Hidden Gorge will finally make its return, that means that Rival Wings and its rewards are back in action come 6.2.

2022 08 12 13 52 38 3 FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXII YouTube Opera

With the next patch, we'll also see the begin of the second Series. That means players get to grind out new rewards by participating in PvP by either doing Frontlines, Rival Wings or the Crystalline Conflict.

In regards to the Crystalline Conflict, not only will the next ranked season start with the release of the next patch. There'll also be some changes to the matchmaking and the ranking system. Matchmaking will receive a complete overhaul and will now be affected by the population of a rank, time of day and other values that cannot be revealed for obvious reasons.

You can also now de-rank in between the three highest tiers of ranked PvP. If you lose all your points in the Crystal Rank, you'll be knocked down to Diamond and you can also be demoted from Diamond all the way down to Platinum. This change was made in hope the higher ranks will now accurately display a players ability. In order to keep it fair, all players will begin the new season at Bronze 3 with Rising Stars set to 0.

The structure of rewards has also changed a little. You are now eligible to claim the rewards for the highest rank you reached in the Crystalline Conflict. Players will also be able to get all the rewards from tiers they have already reached, including those of a previous season, the rewards will also see some adjustments. And the director also mentioned that they're planning to penalize players who leave matches early harder moving forward.

2022 08 12 14 00 10 3 FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXII YouTube Opera

New Gear, New Raid, New Me

An even patch also means we get four more raids to participate in. In the Normal and Savage difficulty. The Normal difficulty will be part of the ongoing Pandaemonium questline and will reward tokens for gear at item level (iLvL) 610. While the Savage difficulty that will be released a week after the launch of patch 6.2 will reward iLvL 630 gear. You'll also be able to earn the new tombstone currency, Allagan Tomestone's of Causality to purchase iLvL 620 gear from the vendors and newly crafted gearsets will also be introduced, probably set at iLvL 610. So make sure to save up on Materia.

Reason for Savage to be delayed by a week is players will hopefully not rush the new Pandaemonium story and have enough time to prepare if they're planning to participate in the race to world first. This is the first time they've delayed a Savage tier by a week in patch content and they are looking for impressions by players if this is a good change or if they should return back to how it used to be.

There have also been some adjustments to how players can receive gear from this Savage tier. Instead of 6 copies, players will only need 4 to receive the gear pieces for the head, arm and foot slot respectively. This change will not affect any previous raid tier and is for now experimental. Naoki Yoshida also denies that Elden Ring had any influence on the design of the new gearsets stating “If we started on these after Elden Ring was released, we wouldn't have finished them in time!”.

We'll also see a new Unreal fight being rotated in. This time it's the first optional trial of the Heavensward expansion, Sephirot. since the team considered him a little too difficult he has been tuned and adjusted for the current standard of Final Fantasy XIV.

The Island Sanctuary

We finally got to see the Island Sanctuary in action. And it is huge, enormous actually. Probably the size of two or even three zones and packed with details. It is however not the instanced, personal housing some of us have been expecting (yet). Instead it is Final Fantasy XIV's take on those comfortable farming/building games in the vein of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon.

Every player will be granted access to their own, personal Island where they can progress as they want. The rewards will mostly be cosmetics, mounts and Materia for crafters and gatherers so it will probably be a nice way to raise your pocket money by ideally farming.

First the Island is wild and untamed, but with the help of an army of trusty mammets, the Warrior of Light can slowly forge their Island Paradise. By switching in-between different modes, you'll either farm for materials, capture animals, tend to crops or animals and much more. By doing this you'll slowly build up your Island Sanctuary and might actually be able to turn it into a well oiled machine.

Animals captured can produce resources, as long as you tend to their needs and take good care of them. You can even give them nicknames. Those resources can then be refined and crafted into good, which you can then sell on a market that works with its own currency in order to earn all kinds of rewards. The full extend of the feature is not quite known to us yet. But the team plans to expand and support the feature at least till the launch of 7.0.

2022 08 12 15 17 31 FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXII YouTube Opera

Criterion and Variant Dungeons

The new battle content introduced with 6.25 will be the Variant and Criterion Dungeons. One focuses more on narrative and exploration, while the Criterion dungeon test player mettle in combat.

But first the Variant Dungeons, those are pick your own adventure dungeon's that player have to brave in a party with up to 4 players. But you can also do them solo or with another player. To make up for the lack of proper party composition, players get to pick from a list of abilities that'll make up for any roles that might be missing. Players will then get to pick paths that'll lead to alternative story strands that you can collect for a mount.

Variant Dungeons are meant to be more casual content that players can run over and over again at level 90. We don't know the extent of the rewards for it yet, but we assume that'll be at least tomestones and useful resources to upgrade your gear with.

Criterion Dungeons on the other and are catered to more skilled players. The normal difficulty is, according to Yoshida on the same level as the previous Savage tier and requires a full party of 4 players that can be filled up with a special duty finder. Not only do players have to face bosses, the monsters within the dungeons are also a lot tougher than the usual trash packs in dungeons. Players have to carefully pull and plan ahead.

The Savage difficulty will up the ante by not only being tougher but also removing the markers of a monster's abilities. Again we can't say for certain what the rewards for the content will look like, but we can assume it'll be mounts, cosmetics, titles and at least some tombstones.

2022 08 12 13 29 29 3 FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXII YouTube Opera

New Quests, Relict Weapons and Main Scenario Adjustments

Tataru's Grand Endeavour will continue with the launch of 6.2, this time it will focus on the aftermath of the Shadow of Mhach questline. So you have to complete the Heavensward Alliance Raids in order to start the next chapter.

And Patch 6.25 will also see the introduction of the new Tribe Quests, the Omnicrons that can be found in Ultima Thule. This series of Tribe Quests will be exclusive for Disciples of the Land and comes with its own story, reputation grind and rewards to claim. Also a new remix for Close in the Distance it seems.

The 6.25 Patch will also see the continuation of the Somehow Even Further Hildibrand Adventures questline, which is now tied to the relict weapons. So if you plan to claim one of those, you'll have to catch up on the Hildibrand questline starting in A Realm Reborn. This time around, the relict weapons will not be tied to an instance like Bozja or Eureka. Yoshida mentioned in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that the relict grind this time around will more be in the vein of the ARR and HW relicts, which means quest-based progression and completing regular content.

We'll also see some further adjustments to the MSQ from the post ARR content (2.1 – 2.5) and the dungeons of Heavenward. This means duty support for Snowcloak, The Keeper of the Lake, Sohm Al, The Aery and The Vault that players can now experience with AI companions. The Thornmarch fight has also seen a full overhaul while the Extreme version of the fight remains untouched and the trial The Steps of Faith has been removed and will instead be a solo duty.

Various Other Updates

The system for Adventurer Plates and Portraits will see a general update, as the feature transitions out of beta and will be fully released. That also means that all saved Portraits will be reset, so you'll have to recreate them anew. Links to Adventurer Plates and Gear Sets will however carry over into 6.2.

In preparations for the planned graphics update that'll come with the release of the next expansion, there will be some updates to the way Final Fantasy XIV processes its graphics. This will enlarge just streamline some of the loading processes and will make your game run smoother. The game will also receive a dynamic resolution feature that you can activate in order to prioritize framerate over resolution. This is just the first of many of those updates that will be rolled out on the way to 7.0.

We'll finally see an update to the Glamour Dresser that will now hold up to 800 items. Naoki Yoshida asked players not to just throw everything into their Glamour Dresses so he wouldn't have to listen to people complain about the size in a month.

This sums up all the information from the newest Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter, we'll have detailed breakdowns for the Island Sanctuary, the Criterion Dungeons and musing on the new content here very soon. So stay tuned for that. For more on Final Fantasy XIV and your favorite esports, visit us here on ESTNN

FF XIV Live Letter 72 Summary, Patch 6.2 Info And More
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