FF 16 Romance Options Explained – Clive’s Choices for Love?

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FF 16 Romance Options Explained – Clive’s Choices for Love?

Are there any FF 16 romance options? Final Fantasy 16 romance doesn’t give you options, but there is still a decent love story in the game’s plot.

Final Fantasy 16 might be an epic tale in a compelling fantasy world, but there’s an area which could be missing from the storyline that makes or breaks the title to some players, FF 16 Romance options. This is a story that takes a darker tone than more recent games, but pretty much from the off there are some elements of romance. What about Clive though, what are your FF 16 romance options?

Romance for Clive isn’t the biggest focus of the game but it’s definitely a strong thread in his development. There are some Final Fantasy 16 romance options, but it’s largely pre-decided for you. This is a more general theme for the title. Clive has an in-depth storyline, but player choice is fairly limited. When you’re getting a Chocobo in FF 16 for example, there’s one mount that you can use, not an open choice. There are quite a few elements of the game where player choice is a bit lacking.

There are quite a few romantic elements in Final Fantasy. There will be plenty of cutscenes that involve romance as a theme. Clive and Jill in particular have a lot of focus here in their interactions. Even the game’s villains have a few romantic elements going on too. Although, it isn’t the open-choice romance like in other games. With those limitations in mind, what are the FF 16 romance options?


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Final Fantasy 16 Romance Options

The FF 16 Romance options aren’t options in the literal sense, or well, any sense. There is romance. There aren’t options though. No player choice here!

FF 16 Romance Options

Just like with changing Clive’s clothes in Final Fantasy 16, the romance options are more linear. Players can’t choose different paths or peruse different characters. The plot of the game has an in-built romantic pairing, Clive and Jill. You’ll get to know this as you progress through the game’s story. However, you won’t have any active input over what happens.

All their interactions are already decided and no two players will have a different experience. If you want to walk slowly and make believe there’s more going on during segments where you have her in your party, you can, but that’s about the limit to FF 16 romance options. You technically have the option of not continuing in the main game and not seeing the rest of the story, but there aren’t any actual Final Fantasy 16 romance options.

The romance in the game Is limited to cut-scenes. It is a linear story that you can’t change. That might be disheartening to some. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any romance in the game.

Clive and Jill – FF 16 Romance Options

The main source of romance in the plot of Final Fantasy 16 is between Clive and Jill. The two characters end up considerably closer to each other by the end of the game and even share a few tender moments over the course of the game. Their exact story and if they end up together is something you’ll want to experience for yourself, but it is a solid part of the game’s storytelling.

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Are There Other FF 16 Romance Options?

Clive and Jill are really the only romantic pairing in the game! At least for the player character. As you’d expect there are other romantic relationships with the various FF 16 antagonists and supporting characters. Clive seems to be a one-woman man though, pretty strictly tied to Jill as far as the main story goes.

FF 16 Romance Options

Why Isn’t There Final Fantasy 16 Romance Options?

So there aren’t any alternating paths for romance in Final Fantasy 16, why not? It’s not really what the game is about. The title has a much more linear story which can focus on better developing a single plot line and the characters. Not having player choice isn’t a negative for this. Usually, games that focus on a straight-line plot have much more scope to develop relationships and characters because they’re not having to write around player choice at all times. This won’t be for everyone, but the title’s love story definitely works with Final Fantasy 16 romance options.

The lack of player choice is a noticeable element in Final Fantasy 16, but like the less open-world level design, this shouldn’t be a deterrent to checking out the game. The title is well-written and engaging in its storyline, including FF 16 romance options. You’ll definitely find a lot to like in the story between Clive and Jill, even without alternating Final Fantasy 16 romance options.

FF 16 Romance Options Explained – Clive’s Choices for Love?
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