FC Mobile Dia de Muertos Guide: Pack Exclusive American Cards

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FC Mobile Dia de Muertos Guide: Pack Exclusive American Cards

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with the FC Mobile Dia de Muertos event and collect top cards featuring the most iconic North and South American soccer stars

While EA Sports did not treat FC Mobile fans with the much-anticipated Scream Team event on Halloween, they did bring back the Dia de Muertos promo to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Since the festival is celebrated in Mexico and Latin America, the FC Mobile Dia de Muertos will only offer special cards for North and Latin American players.

Challenge yourself with Quests, Exchanges, and Challenge Mode to unlock exceptional Dia de los Muertos Player Items, Heros, and ICONs. This is a 10-day FC Mobile event that started on October 31 and will run till November 10.

FC Mobile Dia de Muertos Event Guide

The FC Mobile Dia de Muertos campaign will have three chapters: Quest, Exchanges, and Challenge Mode.

Dia de Muertos Quests

Start your Día de Muertos journey by successfully completing a series of interesting quests. By achieving these milestones, you'll not only accrue valuable coins and powerful players but also the vibrant and symbolic Cempasuchiles. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to personalize your in-game presence with a unique User Logo.

FC Mobile Dia de Muertos Guide: Pack Exclusive American Cards

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The adventure doesn't end there. Once you've amassed a collection of Cempasuchiles and additional players, you can delve into the Exchange feature. Here, you can swap your hard-earned Cempasuchiles and players for exclusive FC Mobile Día de Muertos Players.



Swap 1 Dia de Muertos Player to the Starting 11

20,000 Coins

Win 3 Rounds of Challenge Mode

81 OVR CDM Alvarez

Train Any Player 10 Times

20,000 Coins

Acquire a Dia de Muertos Store Pack

77 OVR ST Hernandez

Score 20 Headers in Any Mode

20,000 Coins

Play 40 Matches

20,000 Coins

Complete 50 Passes in any Mode

20,000 Coins

Dribble Past a Player 50 Times in Any Mode

40 Cempasuchiles

Score 50 Goals in Any Mode

40 Cempasuchiles

Complete 50 Assists in Any Mode

40 Cempasuchiles

Complete 50 Tackles in Any Mode

40 Cempasuchiles

Complete All Dia de Muertos Quests

Calavera User Logo

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Dia de Muertos Exchange


Photo Credit: EA Sports

Redeem your Cempasuchiles in exchange for exclusive Día de Muertos event Players here. There will be four exchanges for this event. The requirements are as follows.



Base Javier Hernandez Card + 90 Cempasuchiles

85 OVR ST Hernandez

Base Edson Alvarez Card + 140 Cempasuchiles

88 OVR CDM Alvarez

Base Hugo Sanchez Card + 175 Cempasuchiles

90 OVR ST Sanchez

Día de Muertos Player

40 Cempasuchiles

Dia de Muertos Challenge Mode


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You can participate in Challenge Mode every day, and on a daily basis, you can claim 60 points from it. To earn these points, you'll need to complete 2 skill games and one match each day. If you Challenge Day across all ten days of the event, you can accumulate a total of 600 points.




Quarter Final

Skill Game

15 Cempasuchiles


Skill Game

20 Cempasuchiles



25 Cempasuchiles

Dia de Muertos Store Items

maxresdefault 10

Photo Credit: EA Sports

There are some interesting offers in the Dia de Muertos store. You will get a free pack. Every day you will get five points, so for the entirety of the event, that’s 50 points up for grabs. You can claim some good rewards with these points. The special Dia de Muertos kit will set you back only 80 points. The same amount of points will also get you two emotes; one static and one animated. The “Premium Calavera User Logo” is available for only 30 points.

The 1250 Dia de Muertos Special Packs will give you guaranteed coins, a Dia de Muertos player, and a group of other players. If you are lucky, you can pack one of the Dia de Muertos Icons cards.

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FC Mobile Dia de Muertos Players

In celebration of Dia de Muertos, EA FC Mobile welcomes 16 outstanding North and South players who have excelled on both club and international stages. Check out the complete list of top Dia de Muertos players revealed by EA Sports:

  • Guillermo Ochoa – 89 – GK, Mexico and Salernitana
  • Edson Alvarez – 88 – CDM, Mexico and West Ham United
  • Carlos Vela – 88 – RW, Mexico and Los Angeles
  • Santiago Gimenez – 87 – ST, Mexico and Feyenoord
  • Luis Sinisterra – 86 – LW, Colombia and Bournemouth
  • Hirving Lozano – 86 – RW, Mexico and PSV Eindhoven
  • Héctor Herrera – 86 – CM, Mexico and Houston Dynamo
  • Javier Hernandez – 85 – ST, Mexico and LA Galaxy
  • Raúl Jiménez – 83 – ST, Mexico and Fulham
  • Weston McKennie – 82 – CM, USA and Juventus
  • Djordje Mihailovic – 81 – CAM , USA and Alkmaar
  • Chris Richards – 80 – CB, USA and Crystal Palace
  • Manfred Ugalde – 78 – ST, Costa Rica and Twente
  • Johan Vásquez – 77 – CB, Mexico and Genoa
  • Jhon Lucumí – 77 – CB, Colombia and Bologna
  • Alex Roldan – 76 – RB, El Salvador and Seattle Sounders

EA Sports has also unveiled four Icon cards featuring Mexican legends as part of the campaign. They are:

  • Hugo Sanchez – 90 – ST
  • Luis Hernández Carreón – 90 – ST
  • Rafael Marquez Alavarez – 90 – CDM
  • Jorge Campos – 89 – GK

It's essential for players to keep in mind that the Dia de Muertos promotion is a limited-time opportunity on EA FC Mobile, with only a few days left. Players, therefore, need to act swiftly and secure the coveted player cards while they are still available. By promptly integrating these special Dia de Muertos players into their lineups, they will be able to enhance their squad and boost their chances of success in Division Rivals matches.

FC Mobile Dia de Muertos Guide: Pack Exclusive American Cards
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