FC Mobile Scream Team: Is It Coming?

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FC Mobile Scream Team: Is It Coming?

Even though there has not been any official confirmation yet, can you expect an FC Mobile Scream Team event soon

As the air turns crisp and the leaves embrace fiery colors, we find ourselves on the brink of yet another Halloween celebration. For fans of FIFA Mobile, this season also marks the eagerly awaited return of the Halloween-themed event known as the Scream Team.

Traditionally, FIFA Mobile's Scream Team brought a spooky twist to the game, offering players a chance to collect special player cards with hauntingly good skills and attributes. With the recent EA FC/FC Mobile rebranding, however, fans are left to wonder: will the Scream Team make a spine-chilling comeback? Here’s all we know about the FC Mobile Scream Team.

FC Mobile Scream Team: Is It Happening?

As of now, EA Sports has not officially confirmed the FC Mobile Scream Team event. The campaign's official announcement typically surfaced around mid-October, so EA Sports’ silence led many FIFA Mobile players to believe that the developers had abandoned the event.

Despite the absence of an official declaration, whispers from well-placed insiders within the FIFA Mobile community offer a glimmer of hope. These insiders suggest that the FC Mobile Scream Team is indeed in the works, and its imminent unveiling may be just around the corner.

FC Mobile Scream Team: Which Cards Could Be Up For Grabs?

The FC Mobile Forum suggests that there might be as many as 14 special cards waiting for players in the upcoming Scream Team promo. Here's what might be in store:

FC Mobile Scream Team: Is It Coming?

Photo Credit: FC Mobile Forum

  • Kieran Tripper-90 (RB)
  • Alexis Mac Allister-90 (CM)
  • Fikayo Tomori-91 (CB)
  • Marcus Rashford-93 (LW)
  • Adama Traore-88 (RW)
  • Lautaro Martinez-91 (ST)
  • Joao Cancelo-93 (LB)
  • Kolo Muani-89 (ST)
  • Ezequiel Avila-85 (ST)
  • Steven Bergwijn-86 (LW)
  • Thiago Silva-88 (CB)
  • Joao Felix-92 (CF)
  • Jose Sa-87 (GK)
  • Abdukerim Bardakci-85 (CB)

FC Mobile Scream Team Format

In FIFA Mobile 22, the Scream Team campaign featured four distinct challenges: “Witch’s List,” “Witch’s Competition,” “Summon the Ghost,” and “Haunted House.” Upon successfully finishing these challenges, players were rewarded with event currencies, including torchlights, candies, wrappers, Scream Team credits, and more.

If the Scream Team event makes a return to FC Mobile, it's likely to follow a familiar format. You can anticipate a structure involving milestones and challenges that feature skill games and matches. As you advance through the campaign, you'll have the opportunity to acquire special Scream Team cards, and there's a chance you may earn points for the main event.

FC Mobile Scream Team: Is It Coming?
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