FaZe Jarvis Faked His Return To Fortnite

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FaZe Jarvis Faked His Return To Fortnite

Jarvis returned to Fortnite on Twitch last week in an apparent internet troll job.

The saga of FaZe Clan Fortnite player Jarvis “Jarvis” Khattri grows increasingly bizarre with each passing day. Jarvis joined FaZe Clan in April of 2019 as a Fortnite player and content creator for those who don't know. In October of the same year, the popular content creator who boasts nearly four million subscribers on YouTube, published a video of himself using an aimbot in a Fortnite public match. Epic Games responded to Jarvis's actions with a swift lifetime ban from Fortnite that seemed non-negotiable at the time. Fans of Jarvis launched a #FreeJarvis campaign, hoping to see Epic loosen up their punishment. Despite Jarvis's infamous apology video and fan support, Epic never lifted the ban.

Jarvis resurfaced recently, promising to return to Fortnite live on his Twitch stream. On September 12, he did so in a stream that lasted about 15 minutes, peaking at 45,000 viewers. However, it seems that Jarvis's publicity stunt was nothing more than a fake. The 18-year-old released a YouTube video detailing the process leading up to his triumphant return to Fortnite.

Jarvis Fools the Internet

In a YouTube published one day after Jarvis' return to Fortnite, the FaZe Clan member detailed his elaborate scheme to fool Epic Games and the internet. Along with some fellow FaZe members, Jarvis constructed a tweet that sparked discussion on social media. He eventually followed through with his promise, but some factors behind the scenes escaped viewers. It turns out that Jarvis was not actually playing Fortnite when Epic banned his alternate account. Although he appeared on screen in front of tens of thousands, he deployed a decoy by the name of SlaterKodish to handle the sticks while Jarvis occupied the camera frame.

The rest is history, and Jarvis's troll effort resulted in a ban. However, this was no ordinary ban that we typically see out of Epic Games. This time, the developers dropped an IP ban on Jarvis, which impacted the entire FaZe Clan content house. None of the FaZe members who reside at the content house can play Fortnite until their internet service provider issues a new IP.

Troll of the Century?

It's unclear as to why Jarvis orchestrated this fake comeback to Fortnite. Epic Games has not wavered one bit after issuing the initial ban to the FaZe Clan member nearly a year ago. Perhaps based on good behavior, the developers could agree with FaZe Clan and Jarvis to lift the ban. If nothing else, this publicity stunt likely dug him deeper into an already sticky situation. Fortnite also recently published some rules that will work against players looking to “clout farm”, which they will likely enforce, given the situation.

If impressions were all that Jarvis sought out for, he succeeded. His latest video has received almost 2 million videos in about 17 hours, and it also reached the #1 trending spot on YouTube's gaming category. Although Jarvis was not actually playing Fortnite, it's hard to believe Epic will take this stunt lightly. Their comments about clout farming fall in line with what took place on Jarvis's Twitch channel. As this story grows stranger and stranger, there is no way to tell how this will play out in the future for FaZe Clan, Jarvis and Epic Games.

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