Fallout Alternatives You Should Check Out

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Fallout Alternatives You Should Check Out

Tired of Fallout? Or are you just looking for a different flavor of post-apocalyptic adventuring? We have a few Fallout Alternatives you should check out.

After the success of the TV adaptation, everyone is obsessed with Fallout once again. It is after all one of gaming great RPG franchises even when the last mainline entry was released some 8 years ago.

Since then it has been a little quiet in the post-apocalypse, so instead of replying New Vegas for the 50th time you might want to check out these alternatives for a different sort of nuclear flavor.

5 Fallout Alternatives You Should Check Out


There are open-world post-apocalypse adventures and then there is STALKER. Based on the novel Roadside Picnic and the movie of the same name, STALKER is nothing like its previous incarnations. Across 3 games you're asked to explore and survive the Chernobyl exclusion zone which has undergone quite a transformation.

It's a unique title with a unique atmosphere deeply soaked in the post-Soviet Union depression. And you'd be shocked to find out what awaits in this unique take on a wasteland. Characters and factions with complex motivations that blow any Fallout title out of the water and complex survival mechanics that keep you on edge at all times.

So if you can deal with some amount of jank, this is definitely an experience worth seeking out. Even if it's just to prepare for the second game which is expected to release later this year.

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Metro Series

Sticking with Post Nuclear Fallout based in Russia, here is the Metro series based on the popular novels. Metro takes place in the Metro of Moskau after a nuclear war, people huddle together in train stations and resources are scarce. Ammunition is used as money and you're encouraged to play smart rather than going around guns blazing.

Occasionally, you'll be asked to head to the surface and explore mutated horrors and the remnants of a once-great world. And the new one, you get to drive around a train a gigantic open-world adventure. They are worth checking out for their atmosphere alone but their hardcore PC game DNA makes the entire series worth playing shooter enthusiasts.


The last game is set in vaguely Eastern Europe, I promise. Not Undertale, Underrail is heavily inspired by Wasteland and its quasi-spinoff Fallout. It's an isometric RPG that has you explore society underground after the apocalypse.

What sets it apart is just how well-written and versatile that game is. A true RPG that lets you approach any situation, any which way, and encourages you to come up with weird and wacky solutions for problems.

The Outer Worlds

What if you gave Fallout New Vegas in Space a chance? Made by the RPG masters at Obsidian, The Outer Worlds was their first crack at a big open-world RPG in the same vein as Bethesda's classics. You venture out into colonized space to find the answers to all your questions and fight capitalism along the way.

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To put it simply, the game has big Rick and Morty vibes, everything is delivered with a sneer and an eye roll that you're sometimes wondering if it takes its own setting seriously or not. It still makes for a fun adventure with some really outstanding companions.


There are open-world games that have you rummage around in a once great world and there is Kenshi. A true sandbox that has you fighting for survival on the moon of the titular Kenshi. Instead of being the chosen one, you're just some mook up against a big scary world that will eat you alive or enslave you.

The beauty of Kenshi is that you can be whatever you want and do whatever you want. Wanna start a settlement and become a thriving trading hub? Or you do want to topple empires? Kenshi lets you do this, it encourages you to make your own fun and is not afraid to punch back.

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Fallout Alternatives You Should Check Out
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