Fallout 76 Season 12 Mutation Invasion Begins Tomorrow

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Fallout 76 Season 12 Mutation Invasion Begins Tomorrow

March is here, and it's bringing aliens with it. 

A new season of events kicks off in Appalachia tomorrow with Season 12 of Fallout 76: Mutation Invasion. The 12th season is all about cryptids. There are plenty of new characters, items, and challenges you'll be able to delve into, so let's break it all down. 

Rip Daring's Cryptid Hunt

Rip Daring is in Appalachia and on the hunt, and if you want the newest goodies, you should be too. Mutation Invasion is bringing a new rotational weekly event. 

This new event will bring Daily Ops mutations to Public Events. Starting tomorrow and lasting until March 21, at the top of the hour, a Mutated Public Event will occur. After these first three weeks, Mutated Public Events will take place a week at a time. 

These Mutated Public Events will add an additional layer of challenge for players to overcome. Mutation Invasion is bringing a new Mutation called Reflective, which will allow enemies to reflect back some damage taken. 

Completing a Mutated Public Event will reward you with a Mutated Package. These reward you with ammo, meds, resources, and a 3-star Legendary item. You also have a chance of receiving plans from Mutated Packages. 

Fallout 1st members will enjoy additional benefits from the upcoming Season 12, and some of those benefits will pass on to non-Fallout 1st members. If you complete a Mutated Public Event with a minimum of three Fallout 1st members, every participant will receive Mutated Party Packs. According to Bethesda, these are like Mutated Packages but better, but they haven't given specifics on the additional rewards yet. 

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New Locations, Enemy Type, and Ally

It's time to hunt some Cryptids.
Image Source: Bethesda Games Studios

Mutation Invastion will introduce several new locations to explore: the Capitol Building, Garrahan Mining Headquarters, and Morgantown Highschool. It wouldn't be an invasion without aliens, so naturally, the new Enemy Encounter Group is aliens. If you need help dealing with these new foes, you'll have a new ally named Brother Steven Scarberry, who is happy to assist. He's a Mothman worshipper. It couldn't be me but to each their own in the post-apocalypse.

New Rewards and C.A.M.P. Items

The Cold Shoulder is a pretty solid new addition for stacking up Slow debuffs.
Image Source: Bethesda Games Studios

Season 12 is bringing a ton of Cryptid-themed goodies for you to get your hands on, like the Cold Shoulder shotgun, which deals +50% damage to Cryptids and applies Freeze to enemies. There's also the Rip Daring Jetpack, which needs no explanation, Daring Heavy Cryo Turrets, and Grease Goblin Power Armor. 

As for C.A.M.P. items, you can get Rip Daring's Hunter's Lodge, various Mothman-themed house items, a taxidermy stein display, and several new Cryptid plushies. 

The Re-Roller

Season 12 will be introducing a new feature known as the Re-Roller. Once per day, you receive a free re-roll that you can use to re-roll a Daily or Weekly Challenge. Active Fallout 1st members will receive additional re-rolls. 

You can purchase Challenge Re-Rolls from the Atomic Shop and claim them on the Season board. You might get lucky and re-roll an Epic Challenge. 

A re-roll feature is a very basic functionality for a game like this, but as the saying goes, better late than never. 

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Season 12 Community Calendar

Season 12 will have plenty for you to do in Fallout 76.
Image Source: Bethesda Games Studios

If you're busy with life, don't worry about diving into Season 12 immediately in the first week. But once week 2 begins, there will be some sweet events you don't want to miss, like Double Mutations Weekend and Double Score Weekend. These Season 12 events will run up until the 4th of July. 

Unfortunately, this update will not include any new story content, but I suppose you can't get everything. 

Fallout 76 will be taken offline at approximately 9 AM EST to give Bethesda time to roll out Mutation Invasion. We'll see you then. 


Fallout 76 Season 12 Mutation Invasion Begins Tomorrow
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