F1 23 Story Mode Announcement. What is Konnersport Butler Global Racing Team?

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F1 23 Story Mode Announcement. What is Konnersport Butler Global Racing Team?

The New F1 23 Story Mode was announced with a new team at the face of it.

EA Sports F1 just revealed the all-new career mode racing team for the latest F1 game that is set to be released in the middle of June this year. The career mode is expected to be a continuation of the previous F1 game's story modes. The full story mode information has not yet been announced but an insight into what may come and who the main team will be has been revealed.

Who is Devon Butler?

Devon Butler was originally featured in the F1 2019 during the Formula 2 section of story mode as one of the arch-rivals for your character. After the short interaction with him in the Formula 2 scenarios he was promoted to Formula 1 with your character but there are no more interactions with him after this.

Butler was also featured as the nemesis driver of Aiden Jackson (the protagonist) in the Braking Point story mode of F1 21. Butler aims to help his team get 4th in the constructors championship but Jackson and his teammate Akkerman are set out to get the same position. The story mode follows all three characters closely through the storyline and shows their ups and downs as the season progresses.

Konnersport Racing Team Teaser

24 hours before the F1 23 announcement a short 12-second trailer was released to hype up the reveal. Alongside this, the EA Sports F1 Twitter changed its profile pick and banner to Konnersport Racing Team logos.

In the trailer, a few things have been spotted. The name Butler is seen on the rear wing of the car alongside a lot of the generic F1 in-game car sponsors. Also the numbers 71 and 89 and displayed on the screen which hint towards the driver numbers of the characters that will be on the Konnersport Racing Team. In F1 21 Braking point driver 71 was Devon Butler's racing number and the driver who possessed the number 89 was Aiden Jackson. This very much hinted towards these two drivers now being on the same team but isn't yet a guarantee.


F1 23 Story Mode Team Reveal

With the announcement replicating a realistic F1 Teams car launch it gives us a great new way of announcing the new game. In this announcement, they used many famous faces from the F1 world such as Naomi Schiff to talk about a ‘new' F1 season as well an over-the-phone interview with Devon Butler himself. They also introduced the Senior Vice President of Konnersport Tim Fellows. This character introduces us to what the new car will look like and speaks more about how they are very confident in the season ahead. He also has high hopes for Devon becoming a future world champion. They do not confirm that the second driver in the team is going to be Aiden Jackson. Butlers Global looks to be a main sponsor of the team which like many real F1 drivers who have companies that are very close to them that sponsor teams allowing them to have seats in F1. This may mean the team is not owned by Devon Butler himself.

This type of reveal is a great way to make the team feel realistic and allows players to have a more immersive feel when they jump into the F1 23 Story Mode.

The full team reveal is available to watch below.

F1 23 Official Reveal

The official F1 23 reveal begins May 3rd which will involve more aspects of the game from possible new game modes, multiplayer changes and overall improvements on previous games. Information on where to watch the full game reveal will be announced on the EA Sports F1 Twitter in the coming days. All videos are currently posted on the EA Sports F1 Youtube Channel and more are expected to be posted there soon after the full game announcement.

F1 23 Story Mode Announcement. What is Konnersport Butler Global Racing Team?
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