F1 23 Game. A Deep Dive into New Features

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F1 23 Game. A Deep Dive into New Features

F1 23 Games' new video announcement was released and showed us more about some new features.

With the new F1 game just around the corner, the developers are slowly releasing videos to show off new features that are coming. The latest video gives us a deep dive into gameplay features and how they will work. More videos are expected to be released on the road to the game's official launch on June 16th.

F1 23 35% Race Distance

Most F1 races range from 44 laps to 78 depending on the length of a circuit. As real f1 races usually last for one and a half hours this wouldn't be very conventional for a casual gamer. The new 35% race distance option gives you a better racing experience as race strategy and tyre management come into play but you don't have to commit all that time to experience it.

F1 23 Handling and Physics

The physics engine has been revamped for this game as the previous game had lots of problems regarding car handling and predictability. Handling, low-speed traction and overall driveability have been improved making the cars feel more authentic to a real-life F1 car. F1 team's feedback has been incorporated into F1 23 gameplay allowing the developers to work alongside real-world experts. The balance of aerodynamical grip from the car's designs to the mechanical grip of the tyres has been fine-tuned to get it as close as it can to the feel of a real car. The way torque is delivered has also been reworked to make it more progressive to your throttle input and is relative to the gear you are in. The car's floors have been redesigned to make bottoming out on kerbs more like real life. This will be felt through force feedback wheels but for controller users, the new Precision Drive Technology will help you get a better feel for a car.

F1 23 New Tracks

Two new tracks will be released as well. The Las Vegas circuit has been built from the ground up with new laser scanning technology. The track will be playable for everyone before the first-ever Las Vegas F1 race has happened. For Lasail FOM computer-aided design, ArcGIS and photo aerial imagery have been used to make the track as accurate as possible to give players a true-to-life experience on this track.

F1 23 Red Flags

Red flags are back. These systems will monitor track conditions in many varieties. These will determine either virtual safety cars, a full safety car or even a red flag which will pause a race. The sensitivity of red flag events happening can be changed in the pre-race settings. Your options are either Off, Reduced, Standard or increased. Different things can trigger red flags from cars stopping on the track, car debris, extreme weather conditions like rain on the track and more such as car blockages. Red flags allow for different race strategies to come into play. While a red flag you are able to change strategy, change tyres and repair damage to your car just like real F1 races.

F1 23 More News

Part 2 of the F1 23 Deep Dive series will be live on the 19th of May. Episode 1 is available to watch below and gives you full depth on these new features.

F1 23 Game. A Deep Dive into New Features
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