Exoprimal New PvE Mode to Be Added Next Week

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Exoprimal New PvE Mode to Be Added Next Week

Exoprimal hit stores last week but the launch is just the beginning of its journey. As a good live service, in fact, Capcom will continue to update its creature over time with constant injections of new content. In this regard, the Exoprimal new PvE mode, the Savage Gauntlet mode, will be introduced on July 28th.

Exoprimal new PvE mode just announced

In the multiplayer mode known as Savage Gauntlet, players will work together to accomplish a variety of tasks while fending off hordes of ravenous dinosaurs. This mode is entirely focused on PvE, so there won't be any player-on-player conflicts in it. It was developed in response to player requests from the testing sessions that took place prior to the game's release.

“It's just you, your 5-person team, and the dinosaurs. No rival Exofighters, no Dominators. Mastery of your exosuits and teamwork, as you take on specifically designed endgame content with encounters and challenges at the upper end of the difficulty spectrum, will determine your success,” the team explains in a post on Steam, revealing that there will be leaderboards.

Starting on August 16, Title Update 1, the first significant upgrade, will be accessible and will include, among other things, 10 Alpha iterations of the exosuits. A map, new models, modules, and a new final objective will all be included in a second update that will be made available later. More exosuits varieties and Neo Triceratops will be included in a third update.

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Exoprimal New PvE Mode to Be Added Next Week
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