Exoprimal Reviews Roundup

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Exoprimal Reviews Roundup

Exoprimal reviews have been put online, revealing how the game managed to convince critics who decided to award Capcom's latest work with mixed marks. This is certainly not a novelty, as already from the trailers published by the same software house over time and then with the release of the beta, many had already stated that this game has good features but something is missing or not as good as expected.

As of this writing, the score on Metacritic is different for each platform. The game officially released on July 14 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. If you are interested in buying the game but you are still hesitant, in this Exoprimal reviews roundup article, we have decided to include reviews from some of the major specialized publications in the sector.

ESTNN – 8/10

“If it isn't apparent, I adore Exoprimal. 60+ Missions in and counting it is probably one of the best online experiences I've had in years. And Normally, the prospect of playing online with strangers in a competitive environment is terrifying to me. Is this game for you? Well, ask yourself if shooting dinosaurs with strangers while cosplaying a Kamen Rider made by Capcom is something you'd be into. It's exactly that. And I hope that Exoprimal gets the love it deserves with new content and a thriving community. There is no higher praise I can give than that. Even after playing for 30+ hours over the past few days, I still plan to play a lot more in the coming months.” [Read full review] – Timo Reinecke

Press Start – 8/10

“Exoprimal earnestly attempts to bring together engaging single-player style encounters that Capcom is known for with an unexpectedly solid multiplayer offering reminiscent of games like Lost Planet. It's a joy to play and a great melding of PvP and PvE elements. While it's a shame that what it has to offer is dealt to players so opaquely, Exoprimal is a pleasant surprise that's well worth a look and not to be underestimated.” [Read full review] – James Mitchell

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We Got This Covered – 8/10

“Exoprimal makes a terrible first impression, but stick with it and it soon blossoms into a bonkers, senses-blasting, and ludicrously fun shooter. By the endgame, you'll be squaring off with thousands of ravenous raptors, rampaging T-Rexes, sniper Neosaurs, barrages of laser fire, and players popping off crazy ultimate moves. It's just a shame you have to grind through a very repetitive and limited opening to get there.” [Read full review] – David James


Screen Rant – 7/10

“Exoprimal is a strong game that lacks the it-factor necessary to keep players coming back for the long-term. It has incredible combat and aesthetics that are a joy to engage with but that enjoyment only lasts so long when it takes a couple of hours to experience new game modes. The story is interesting but is told in a limiting way that risks players feeling confused and, at worst, uninterested. It's hard to tell if this will be a title that really hooks players in, but with its release on Game Pass and new content coming very soon, Exoprimal is well worth jumping into and keeping up with.” [Read full review] – Jacob Zeranko

Attack on the Fanboy – 7/10

“Exoprimal has fantastic PvE content and an intriguing story, but its focus on competitive modes hurts its attractiveness to newcomers, and its lack of offline capabilities might eventually kill the game entirely. It has the potential to be so much more, but such a high-profile title shouldn't have to rely on potential alone. Capcom should take steps to ensure more players can enjoy Exoprimal to its fullest – and to ensure all players won't be left without a game to enjoy after its services end.” [Read full review] – Marc Magrini

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VG247 – 6/10

“Exoprimal will be a rollercoaster of surprises for the majority of players. Making your way through the fifty-or-so matches it takes to hit credits, experiencing all the spectacle on display in this curveball of a game, is in my opinion worth the cost of admission for Game Pass users, and perhaps at a discount for all others. It'll remain a presence on my PS5 home screen, for now at least.” [Read full review] – Connor Makar

Eurogamer – 6/10

“It's a sight for saur eyes, but not quite enough to make Exoprimal essential. There's real cleverness to the PvPvE balance, and to how Leviathan modifies that one, core mode as the game unfolds, but after 15 hours, it still feels like an exercise in reshuffling well-worn pieces. I don't think it earns that blockbuster price tag. As a subscription game, though, Exoprimal is dino-mite.” [Read full review] – Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

Metro GameCentral – 6/10

“A very peculiar online shooter that manages to be both quietly original and shamelessly derivative all at the same time. It does have dinosaurs in it though and that counts for a lot.” [Read full review] – GameCentral

GamingBolt – 5/10

“With so many incredible releases over the past few years, Exoprimal feels like an odd misfire from Capcom. Its combat and graphics are good, but the live service elements, PvEvP focus, and more detract from the experience.” [Read full review] – Ravi Sinha

TheGamer – 4/10

“Exoprimal is a prehistoric relic of its own making, and a harsh but necessary lesson for a developer who has been sitting atop the pile for far too long. Future seasons could salvage the flashes of excellence on display here, but I doubt players will stick around long enough for that to become a reality. And to think we could have had a new Dino Crisis instead.” [Read full review] – Jade King

Exoprimal Reviews Roundup
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