League of Legends: Excel Esports Announces New CEO and CCO

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League of Legends: Excel Esports Announces New CEO and CCO

Excel Esports, British League of Legends esports team, announced that they will be welcoming a new CEO and a new CCO. Their new CEO is Wouter Sleijffers, who previously worked at fellow esports team Fnatic as CEO. On the other hand, Robin McCammon is the new CCO. He is another renowned executive, as he worked as Director of Global Sports Marketing for Adidas before transitioning to esports.

Sleijffers had this to say about his new position:

“Excel Esports is the most beloved brand in UK esports, and I’m delighted to take up this new challenge of building the organisation into a household name on a global scale. My experience helping create one of the most established brands in the industry meant I recognised Excel’s extraordinary potential immediately, and I’m thrilled to be helping chart its course to become an international success.”

During his four years at Fnatic, Sleijffers oversaw the organization's transition from just an esports team to a globally recognized name and lifestyle brand. Excel Esports is known as the “boldest British esports team” and having such an experience brand-builder will be crucial for them moving forward.

Meanwhile, McCammon voiced his own excitement:

“In Excel, the boldest British esports brand, I have found a tremendous opportunity to leverage my experience in the sport and lifestyle world to build something truly new with the team that goes beyond what’s expected of an esports organisation. I’m delighted to join the fastest growing entertainment sector with such an immensely ambitious and disruptive company, and I very much look forward to getting my teeth into establishing Excel as a world leader in the esports space.”

With the wealth of experience he has, his addition to Excel Esports will definitely help the organization make a mark in the LEC and build towards a globally recognized brand.

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Excel in 2020

Excel has done quite a bit of work in preparation for the 2020 LEC Summer Split. They've signed one of Europe's best ADC players, Patrik “Patrik” Jírů, and resigned mid laner Son ‘Mickey’ Young-Min. In addition, they acquired accomplished Head Coach Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool, who has a track record of great success in G2 Esports and Fnatic.

By adding Sleijffers and McCammon, Excel is poised to be a major player in European League of Legends both on and off Summoner's Rift. They'll certainly be looking to advance to playoffs and beyond after a mediocre first season.

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