Evil Geniuses to Withdraw from Competitive Call of Duty

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Evil Geniuses to Withdraw from Competitive Call of Duty

Evil Geniuses is an esports organization known for fielding competitive teams in various esports games such as Dota 2 and Rocket League. They are known in the competitive Call of Duty scene as the winners of the CWL Championships in 2018 during the WWII season. However, despite their impressive victory in 2018, they failed to make much headway in 2019’s Black Ops 4 season, having most recently only placed Top 10 at CWL Miami.

It is, then, both an astonishing and disheartening announcement to see that Evil Geniuses will no longer compete in competitive Call of Duty, beginning with the next season as Activision rolls out their new, city-based franchised league. This comes as a surprise after the acquisition of Evil Geniuses by investment firm Peak6, as we speculated that the acquisition was to help Evil Geniuses secure a new franchised Call of Duty League spot.

In their official announcement, Evil Geniuses weren’t all that clear on exactly why they were withdrawing from competitive Call of Duty:

“Recently, we’ve put in a lot of work in defining what Evil Geniuses’ priorities are for the future. Our main focus is very literal: we want to keep developing a strong Evil Geniuses brand that is capable of supporting all our projects.”

We can’t say for certain why EG left Call of Duty with what little info their press release put out, but stay tuned here at ESTNN and on Twitter for any updates.

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