Evil Geniuses Acquired by Investment Firm Peak6

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Evil Geniuses Acquired by Investment Firm Peak6

Tech investment firm Peak6 has announced today that they have acquired storied esports organization Evil Geniuses.

Tech investment firm Peak6 announced today that they have acquired esports organization Evil Geniuses. Fans know Evil Geniuses for fielding teams in Dota 2 and Call of Duty (the latter of which now features FaZe Clan alum Dillon “Attach” Price). The Chicago-based investment company makes its debut into the esports realm with their acquisition of the Evil Geniuses.

The move comes almost three years after Evil Geniuses divested its holdings in the online streaming platform Twitch, according to the press release on the official Evil Geniuses website:

“Since the divestment from Twitch in 2016, our staff, headed by COO Phillip Aram, has been working tirelessly to maintain the legacy of excellence and trust that we’ve built up over years of competition. We believe that PEAK6 shares these values, and is the right partner to maintain them with.”

With this acquisition comes a slight change in leadership for EG organization. Nicole LaPointe Jameson has been appointed CEO, bringing her previous management experience from Peak6 with her. Phillip Aram remains as COO.

Peak6 May Help EG Secure a Franchise Spot

On the surface, it appears this acquisition and investment by Peak6 will be nothing but good for Evil Geniuses. Unlike the Immortals acquisition of OpTic, this acquisition doesn’t appear to have the intent of dissolving teams or significantly altering the organization or brand. Neither Peak6 nor EG publicly disclosed the specific terms of the deal, but, so far, players and management have been tight-lipped about the acquisition. That said, when things ultimately go awry during a takeover (see OpTic/Immortals), players often let their minds be heard in a public forum. There has been none of that here as of yet.

Interestingly, the future seems brighter for Evil Geniuses Call of Duty team. Reports have indicated that franchising spots for the now-geolocated Call of Duty World League are running anywhere from $25M USD to $40M USD. Due to the Peak6 funding and ownership, EG may now have the capital to purchase a franchise spot for the next season of the Call of Duty World League.

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